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Virgo Season this year promises the absolute best moments that will come in 2019 because the planets will be in perfect harmony, opening our lives to new opportunities, relationships, and beginnings.


You’ll be on your grind at this point in time, Aries. You’ve been having a lot of fun and excitement in your life the last few months, but now is a time to focus on the details of your day-to-day life. Your health will also be in focus so if you need to find a better routine, you’re in luck. Consider your work-life balance at this time, too.


Your heart is about to be lit on fire in such a deep way that you may have never experienced or seen before, Taurus. An alignment of the planets so rare is blasting open a door to your romantic and creative life so deeply that you may never look at love the same way again. True love will be popping up for single Taurus if you circulate and put yourself out there. The deepening of love will likely happen for those already committed. If you’re a creative, expect to be channeling the muse, or if looking to get pregnant, this is a very fertile time. Sometimes in life we cross paths with a soul mate. For you, it is time.


You’ll be spending a lot of time focusing on your home, your family, and the way you feel about yourself. You’ll be a bit extra emotional at this time, which is a little unlike you. Spend some time sorting out how stable your entire life is so that you can reach for all of your hopes and dreams.


Your mind is extra active at this time, so you’ll be interested in writing, speaking, and communicating from the heart. You may be working on an important project, learning a new skill, or finding yourself needing to find a better way of asserting your opinions. Don’t take a seat back at this time; be courageous in your pursuit of knowledge and new experiences.


Your income is exploding, Leo, as long as you assert yourself and continue to build your kingdom. The stars are singing for you to increase your wealth through steady work so do everything in your power to rise up. Consider ways to monetize more. You’ll also be focusing on your values and worth and how you can own the life of your dreams.



You’re in the spotlight now as most of the planets are behind you to create the life of your hopes and dreams. You will have more courage, drive, and energy at this time, as well as more magnetism, charm, and beauty. Money and luck are being attracted to you. You’ll have more opportunity now than you will for many years, so plan what you want to build and then take actions to turn those ideas into reality.


You’re feeling the need to heal any important wounds at this time – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or spiritually. You’ve been carrying something of immense weight and are ready to release the burden. If you’ve done things to hurt people, you may be seeing karma come back to bite, but if you’ve been living your truth and bringing more happiness to the world around you, you will certainly feel a moment of peace. Spend some much-needed time on rest and relaxation because this is a moment of rest.


You’ll be thinking a great deal about your hopes, dreams, and long-term plans at this time. That’s good because the stars are saying the sky is the limit. Reach for the stars, Scorpio. You have the world smiling upon you now. The way you’re going to own them, though, is by connecting with your community, friends, and expanding your network. Find out how you can build a tribe that lifts you up. You’ll be extra social now, so say yes to every event.



Your career is lighting up in ways you may have never seen before, Sagittarius, and it’s about time. You’ve been pushing to reach new heights with hiccups happening here and there. But it looks like your time has finally come because the Universe is clearing out the work blockages and allowing the winds of change to come. Consider how you can rise higher in your industry or become crowned with achievements. They’re so close you can taste them. That sweet career nectar will be just like honey.



You’re contemplating how you can expand your horizons in vast new ways at this time, whether that is through education, spirituality, or communication. Knowledge of the world and humanity will enrich you if you try something daring and new – even though most of the time you can actually be a bit apprehensive. There is so much more you are about to learn that will bring happiness and a new perspective to your life, so welcome in people who are different from you or have bold and exotic ideas. You’ll be inspired and able to communicate on a much larger scale going forward.



You’re feeling more sensual at this time and thinking about the balance in your relationships. It appears that you’ve been contemplating how you relate to the people around you and things may not have been on the same level ground. Never forget that a healthy relationship requires that we each give and receive and that together the two become stronger. Without heat, metal cannot be forged into steel. Find ways of building connections that will help you for the long-term.


You’re the most blessed of all when it comes to partnership, commitments, and marriage at this time, and you’re going to feel like you finally have a better vision of what you need in a relationship. You may have already found your one-and-only, or perhaps you’re still looking. The stars are truly aligned for you to connect with a soul mate who completes you, so be sure to go out there. If taken, you’ll be making bigger plans, and several Pisces could see themselves engaged, married, or moving in together. Business partners are also favored at this time, so find a way to collaborate and you will realize how beautiful it is to have a yin to your yang.

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