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October 13, 2019 is a Full Moon in Aries. It’s energy will begin around October 11th and last until October 17th. Each zodiac sign will be affected in a different way. Find out what to expect below!



This is the most important moment of the year for you because it is a Full Moon in your sign. You could see a very important personal achievement or dream close to your heart coming to fruition. Focus on how you can stand in the spotlight and use your extra power to command the world around you.



You are taking a step back now, Taurus, because you know it’s time to rest and plan ahead. Some of you could be feeling a little drained and need to relax and recharge. Others could be more introspective at this time, contemplating what you want and need in your coming year professionally and personally. Others may have a very important project being developed behind-the-scenes that will take some time to grow that is not ready for the world to fully see just yet. Last, you will certainly be feeling karma sprinkling like rain down upon you. If you have lived a good life and not made mistakes, the Universe will reward you. If there is something that you did that needs to be addressed, you will certainly know what you need to bring to closure now.


GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20) 

Your social life is popping off, and that’s just how you like it! Friendships will be very important at this point in time, so be sure to go out and about. If single, you could meet someone new through your social network. Get closer with your current pals or get involved in your community.



Sound the alarm because important achievements are here for you! Depending on the work you have put forth over the last six months, you could be seeing a major reward or recognition heading your way. You will likely see applause so be sure to look your best.


LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22) 

The world is filled with so much wonder, Leo, and it is important now for you to open your mind to see how expansive it truly is. You are focusing a great deal on your faith at this time – whether that be in yourself, spiritually, or in an idea. With so much activity happening inside of you, you are being encouraged to take a risk and put yourself out there. You tend to be courageous, so you should let that spark ignite and see where it leads. Don’t be stagnant. Allow yourself to grow and learn.



Partnership has been on your mind in recent months, especially what you give and receive. It is important to be aware of what you deserve and need in a relationship otherwise you will never know true balance. Sharing is highly favored at this point in time and you may be deciding what is the best way to move forward. You will be feeling erotic and intimate now and if you are looking for aid from someone else, it could finally come in.



Important partnerships are surely on your mind at this point in time. If you have a significant relationship in business, collaboration, or love, you could be making big plans together. Libras in healthy relationships could get engaged, make promises, or tie the knot. Libras in unhealthy situations could end up breaking up. Single Libras looking for someone with long-term potential could cross paths with someone just your type.



Work is on your mind, so get ready for your schedule to be packed. You could be finishing up a very important project or deciding to start a new job. This is a great time for employment so take on more if you can. If you’ve wanted to see results with a health or fitness related goal, you could be proud of your growth now.



Let your heart radiate as brightly as the Sun because this is one of the most significant moments of the year when it comes to romance and love for you. If you are single, be sure to go after a new option or put yourself out there. Love doesn’t happen when you’re sitting in the shadows. It takes courage. For committed Sagittarius, you could bring more passion and adventure into your connection. Creativity is highlighted for all Sagittarius now, and if already looking to hear news about a pregnancy, it may appear now, as well.



Domesticity is on your mind, whether that be in relation to your family or home. Some Capricorn could be moving at this point in time or deciding to fix up their space. You are also feeling especially emotional at this time because you are assessing the strength and security of the world around you, particularly within your relationships and self-confidence. It is important to truly release what isn’t going to fulfill you and take steps toward climbing the mountain of your dreams. You could be wondering if karma exists and what is still ahead of you.



Communication is very favored at this time for you and you could feel as if your mind is ablaze. Be certain to use this extra advantage to your benefit. Writing and speaking are especially fantastic now, and you could have a very special message coming to light. Broadcast it so everyone knows where you stand.



You are feeling very focused on your worth and value at this time. This could be tied to your financial growth and what you own, too. If looking to make more money, you could be in luck because it appears that cash could be flowing your way. However, some Pisces could be noticing an important bill needing to be paid off, so handle the monetary issues so you can bring more prosperity into your life over time.

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