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You’ll be feeling the urge to cuddle up at home or spend some time solo. This may be a time when relationship karma bubbles up. If you’ve been living well in your love life, you should be reaping rewards and receiving good affection. However, if you’ve done anything a bit shady, it could come out at this point in time. For single Aries, contemplate what you want in your love life or for committed Aries, take some time behind-the-scenes with your special one.



Your social life will be illuminated now, and this would be a moment when it’s great to be out and about. You could be invited to an important event where you bump into someone special. Also, if you’ve had a friend who you’ve wanted to turn into something more, this could be a time when you take that new step. You’ll be having a lot of fun now and could be seeing your romantic hopes and dreams finally coming true.



Your career is lit up at this point in time, which means that if you’re single you actually may attract the attention of someone powerful and successful to be at your side. Some Gemini will be getting married at this time, as well. However, if you’re already taken, consider going to a prestigious or important career-related event with your significant other and you’ll both have a blast and could even feel like a “power couple.”



You’re feeling the urge to try something new and bring more excitement to your love life at this point in time. For single Cancer, you should consider going after someone who is not your “typical type” who may have a different background, culture, or spirituality from you. Anyone who is a bit “exotic” could actually open your eyes to new revelations about love and the world. For taken Cancer, consider travel with your special boo or enroll in a class together.



Your erotic energy is especially highlighted at this point in time, Leo. Get ready to be feeling the urge to merge. Your sexuality will be on fire at this point in time, and you’re absolutely wanting intimacy. For committed Leo, use this time to spice things up or discuss your sexual needs. For single Leo, cross paths with someone sexy and lure them into your kingdom. It’ll get especially heated and you’ll both likely be roaring before you know it.



Partnership is on your mind at this point in time. For Virgo in happy relationships, you could take steps closer or begin to make long-term plans. Some will get married or engaged at this time. However, for Virgo in unhealthy relationships, you may actually part ways. If you’re single, you have the chance to attract options who have long-term potential. Know what you want and deserve.



You’re feeling your work life as a major focus at this point in time, so love may not be the biggest highlight now. However, this could be a fated time when you actually attract the eyes of a coworker in a more romantic way! As long as you can keep business and pleasure separate, you could start dating and actually enjoy your mutual employment in common.



Of all the zodiac signs, you are most favored by this magical and lyrical Full Moon! The ocean of your heart runs deep and this is the best moment of the year for you in love. You may become official with someone, cross paths with a soul mate, or learn some news about a pregnancy. Do something adventurous in love and plan something special if you can. If you can spend it near an ocean or lake, you’ll love it even more.



Your home and family are on your mind at this point in time, so you may want to have a party at your house if you can. This would be a lovely time to do so! If you have a partner, be sure to have a dinner party and you’ll feel especially cozy and domestic together. If you’re single, invite new options over along with friends and see who rises to the top.



Your words hold special power at this point in time. Consider writing someone that you love an important letter or woo them with your words. Little love notes would work wonders for you right now! Slip into someone’s DMs if you’re single and watch how you can actually lure them to you. Online dating is highlighted now for single Capricorn, as well. Upload that sexy selfie and speak from your heart in your bio.



You may be feeling a bit more possessive at this time when it comes to your one-and-only, or if you are single, considering how you really want someone who adds worth to your life. Don’t get too controlling at this time. If you’re single, mingle and look for someone who is a total catch and snatch them when you can.



This is your most important moment of the entire year. You’re in the spotlight, so if romance is important to you, you must snap your fingers and bring that fairytale to life! You may also be noticing an important relationship beginning or ending at this point in time. No matter what, though, your hopes and dreams are being highlighted so know that you can turn them into reality.

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