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September 28, 2019 is a New Moon that will open a specific door to your love life. Find out how it’ll effect you here!


Your partnerships are in focus, so if you have an important boo, expect them to be very much on your mind. Single Aries may meet someone of long-term potential, or committed Aries may take the next step together: getting engaged, married, or moving in. Make long-term plans together. Some Aries may separate from toxic relationships.


Your routine is especially in focus, so how much time do you make for romance, love, and sex? Now is a time to find a better balance that works for you. Some Taurus could even spark some possible flames with a co-worker, but only mix business with pleasure if you can handle it.


Of all the zodiac signs, this is YOUR green light from the Universe to get the love of your dreams! If you’re single, hot new options are right around the corner but you have to make the time. If committed, find ways to have fun together and watch the sparks reignite.


You’re feeling extra domestic these days, and you are always the hostess with the mostess! To open up to romance, have a party at home where everyone brings single options, or if you have a significant other, do an extra special date night for just you two where you surprise them with their very favorite meal and “dessert.”


You’re the master wordsmith when it comes to speaking from the heart right now, so find ways to charm everyone with your enchanting mind. Send love letters, sappy texts, or slip into someone’s DMs. The wittier you are, the better. Let them see your soul shine. Then, when you have them hooked, get a little naughty or flirty.


You’re likely feeling especially possessive at this time, and that’s okay, because what you love, you deeply value. Give gifts with meaning at this time and you’ll feel the love blossoming around you.


Your needs, desires, and passions are front and center now. What do you want in a relationship and how do you get it? You must make love and sex a priority if you want it to be a factor. Don’t hide away, step forward to be seen.


Your relationship karma is bubbling up, so dependent on how you have treated others and your past partnerships, you’ll be feeling calm or burning from the heat. Find ways to release baggage so you’re lighter on your feet.


Your social life is popping off, Sagittarius! This is exciting for single or committed ones alike. Be sure to attend exciting and festive events to either bump into new options or have a blast with your boo. Some of you may actually notice a bestie or acquaintance catching your eye a bit more now, and if that’s the case, you could be stepping onto a whole new adventure.


You are in powerful territory, Capricorn. Single Capricorn may bump into famous, successful, or popular people who you could snag to be at your side. You know your worth, so seduce them while the stars are aligned. Capricorns newly dating may realize they are acquiring a great deal of popularity from their new boo and may realize you’re power couple material. Some Capricorn may actually become married or engaged in the coming days, as well.


You’re craving new experiences. If single, find passionate interests that involve academics, spirituality, or travel where you could meet people different than you. You could start dating someone with a different background, race, or religion than you. Committed Aquarius should try to travel with their significant other or enroll in a class that will fascinate them deeply.


You’re focusing a great deal on what you deserve in your partnerships, as well as what you give and receive. Make sure the balance is equal and you feel it is healthy and strong. Sharing is favored now. Erotic desires and sexuality are also highlighted, so get in touch with your deepest needs.

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