Full Edition Product Description:

Each Full Edition “2019 LoveScopes” comes complete with:

  • 230 pages of secret wisdom on all 12 zodiac signs. Find out how your Sun, Moon, or Rising Signs will be affected — or peer into your lover’s stars to find out what’s ahead for them, too!

  • A look at how the stars play a role in our relationships!

  • An introduction to all 12 zodiac signs that details how each loves, seduces, and enjoys sex!

  • Month-by-month insight into powerful lunar phases to maximize planning for the entire year!

  • Important planetary transits (Venus, Mars, Mercury, and more) perfect to draw love — or bring a passionate fling — right in!

  • Knowledge of the perfect romantic date for you and yours to see the sparks fly, turn up the heat, or get engaged by using Astrological Houses!

  • A list of each month’s best and worst dates for relationships!

  • A crystal guide to welcome in the most harmonious energies for all 12 signs and navigate the cosmic guidance!

  • A guided question to help each sign grow throughout the entire year!

  • A look into the stars of 2020!

  • And much, much more!

Love By Luna’s exclusive new digital book, “2019 LoveScopes,” written by astrologer Kyle Thomas, is the only complete one-volume guide to finding love, sex, and marriage written directly from the stars. “2019 LoveScopes” includes fun in-depth month-by-month forecasts for every sign to learn what’s in store for you as well as how to plan accurately and welcome love in. Download your copy here.

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