J’Net Nguyen’s career in entertainment, fashion and tech spans more than a decade. She currently consults with brands, specializing in luxury in millennial spaces. Politically enthused, she works with non-profit Count The Nation, in conjunction with The United States Census, on digital influencer initiatives.

She has been featured on NPR, CNN, PBS, ABC and BBC to name a few. 

She counts being celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas’ manager as one of the highlights of her career. “He’s my gay husband,” she laughs. “Why wouldn’t I be a part of his core team!? Kyle has a heart of gold, is such a gentleman and he doesn’t just have a sixth sense, but a seventh sense--It brings me so much joy to see him use his gift to help others.”

Previous in-house marketing expertise include Hurley, VANS and The Agenda Show. Agency-wise, J’Net has lead national experiential campaigns for clients including HBO, FOX and Paramount Pictures and has traveled extensively studying friendship for Anheuser-Busch. 

Inspired by her inner circle’s on-the-go lifestyle, she was former CEO and co-founder of LineAngel, an app allowing time savvy urbanites to hire on-demand line sitters to save their spot in line for popular events and product releases. LineAngel was written into an episode of CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.

J’Net holds an M.A. in entertainment communications management from The University of Southern California and regularly guest lectures on innovation and marketing-related topics. She is also an LGBT rights advocate and helped throw the official Palm Springs Pride pool party and is a proud member of The Assistance League of Los Angeles, working to improve the lives of impoverished children.  

A socialite and fashion enthusiast, she spends her time hosting brunches and curating her ever evolving wardrobe with vintage and eclectic finds. J’Net resides in Hollywood as she prefers streets lined with palm trees, believing, “Better a square foot of Los Angeles than all the rest of the world.”

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