In the ancient Mesopotamian world, mankind stood beneath a vast, magnificent sky. His wonder, his fear, his guidance all were dominated by the great powers from the Heavens above: thunder, lightning, stars, eclipses, the Sun, and the Moon. The idea that a celestial divinity existed to guide them fascinated mankind. Over thousands of years, they found patterns that repeated themselves and developed a record of how all of these events in our lives were seemingly connected.

The modern day has witnessed a resurgence of astrology within pop culture because, at our core, we as human beings still are at the mercy of our mortality. While we have evolved through the ages, many areas of our lives have remained the same: we grow, we learn, we fall in love, we crave intimacy, and we mature. This is why we are still fascinated by events beyond our control, such as knowing when we could meet our soul mate or when we could again heal a broken heart to love again.

Astrology is not a system of new age magic, as many pop culture magazines may have some believe. Instead, it is a tool for planning that allows us to better control our lives. While some things in life are out of our control — things that are “destined” to happen — we still have the ability to actively improve our circumstances and build the lives that we want. Astrology gives us access to this ancient wisdom by watching how the planets move throughout the sky and create a stunning pattern that opens doors of possibility in tangible ways here on Earth. Through our own actions during these times, we hold the power to create the future.

While it may seem strange to consider that these distant planets and stars actually do affect us, we must reflect on the age old wisdom of “as above, so below.” Mankind placed themselves within the stars, and in effect, the stars placed themselves inside each of us, too.

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