Bella Hadid is a Virgo Rising with a Libra Sun.

The Weeknd is an Aquarius Sun.

While we don’t have the Weeknd’s Rising Sign, we do know that Bella as a Libra and him as an Aquarius are actually very compatible. They both are Air Signs and intellectualize their emotions but both vibe well because they can communicate effectively. Bella is the more romantic of the two, and the Weeknd is the more possessive of the two. They do align well because Bella does like having a one-and-only and the Weeknd likes feeling in control and dominant.

Let’s start at the beginning of their connection. In April 2015, Venus, the planet of love, was actually in the Weeknd’s sector of romance, passion, and fun. It was in her sector of famous people, so of course they aligned then.

In May 2015, when their relationship was announced, Mars, planet of passion was in his love sector and her fame sector — and of course she was feeling especially in the public eye dating him.

In December 2015, when they broke up, Mars was actually in Bella’s sign, meaning she was feeling more like a firecracker and was more aggressive and angrier. This always happens and we become more assertive and stand up for ourselves and are more prone to conflict.

At the Grammy’s in February 2016, the Sun was in the Weeknd’s sign, gifting him with exceptional power and radiance, and for Bella, she was feeling especially focused on love — and this is when they announced they were back together.

On November 11th 2016, when they broke up, Mars was in Aquarius, making the Weeknd angrier, more aggressive, and not interested in listening to anyone. Jupiter, planet of luck, was in Bella’s sign, making her not care to deal with his bullshit and felt like going off on her own.

Crazy enough, it takes Mars two years to go around the Sun, so we often begin two year cycles when it visits a different place in our charts. When they celebrated at her birthday on October 9th, 2018, the Sun was obviously in her sign, gifting her with great radiance and light. However, as I was mentioning Mars just before, it was in the Weeknd’s Sun Sign, giving him more passion, and also this was simultaneously lighting up her House of Love so guaranteed they were having really hot and passionate sex.

However, jumping ahead to their recent breakup that went public on August 6th, 2019, this is a very interesting astrological situation. On July 31st, a New Moon in the Weeknd’s House of Partnership and Commitment opened up. Usually this would be a good thing, but we just had a major Mercury Retrograde in his partnership sector causing problems and miscommunication throughout June through August. Clearly, this what has caused the latest split and I would nearly guarantee it’s because they can’t seem to get on the same page, communicate clearly, or make plans work out. This wasn’t caused by an eclipse, so it isn’t final, per se, but the Sun and Venus and Mars are giving a lot of attention to Bella’s friendships, so I do think at least on her end, she does just want to be friends.

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