has worked with clients all over the world.


“I’ve been following Kyle Thomas for over a decade and have seen his skill and precision grow almost by magic. He has predicted several key life events for me — meeting my husband, moving across country, the conception of our first child, and more. His insight into the cards and the stars are unlike anyone I have ever known.” —Katie

“When it comes to professional readers, Kyle is both approachable and easy to understand. He is entirely confidential, which I needed about some of my most personal questions. He also made me laugh a lot and see the lesson behind each of the cards and astrological details.” —Shannon

“Kyle’s knowledge of astrology and how to harness important windows in time has exponentially helped my life over the last few years. He’s my go-to astrologer for all important big decisions. I used the dates he said for career and money and saw a huge promotion come in right at that time.” —Natalie


“I found Kyle through his work with Bustle and have been following him for his star insights. His writing and horoscopes are fun to read and always spot on.” —Corie

“Kyle Thomas's Yearly Readings are a staple of my year because I love knowing what is ahead. It’s been a tradition I recommend to all of my friends because it’s a truly enchanting and unique experience to reflect on the whole year long.” —Erica

“I hired Kyle Thomas for my bridal shower and he was charming, kind, and accurate. My friends adored him and he brings the right amount of magic and trendiness to his entire service.” —Marie

“Kyle’s posts and writing are always so invigorating and heartwarming. He is the citrus zest of astrology.” —Shanna

“Every single one of the things Kyle predicted came true. I had been single and getting over my ex for years, and he told me exactly when I was going to connect with my next love. And we’ve been together since. He also gave me the exact windows in time when my career was going to flourish — and it did. At first I wasn’t sure if it’d all come true. But it did. Plus Kyle is so much fun and always puts a smile on my face!” —Michelle

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