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Billy Porter is a Virgo Sun. His birthday is actually September 21st. We don’t have his Rising Sign, but even just from seeing his Sun Sign, we can see an immense amount of energy flowing his way.

On September 22nd, 2019, the Emmy’s took place one day after his birthday. When the Sun is near our birthday, we experience our Solar Return and are more energized and powerful than almost any time in the coming year. We radiate significantly and our time to shine has come. This sets up important patterns for the entire coming year. This is an “ego” moment where we have more opportunity to get our way — and literally with the Sun being literally within a day of his birthday, this made him confident, powerful, and strong.

As for other aspects, Mars, planet of power, was also in his Sun Sign, giving him even more fiery strength. This is a rare advantage, and he was practically magnetic.

Then, we will note the eclipses that are going on in his life. Throughout this year, he is having eclipses in his creative and art sectors, opening doors to bigger and brighter opportunities. Jupiter will enter this sector in December 2019 and be there for a year, giving him some of his greatest and most inspired work to date.

However, the reason he has been having a slow growth in his art is because Saturn, ruling hard work, and Pluto, ruling transformation, have been in this arena for him for many years. This trend shows that when you work hard and listen to the lessons of these planets rather than fighting it, you can truly reach great achievements in these areas of our lives.

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