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By looking back on where we have been, we can grow and evolve into our best selves. Yet, every zodiac sign has something to learn from the stars that we can carry forth into our lives. Are you ready to step in front of the mirror?


You’re always on fire, Aries, but take a deep breath and chill out. Don’t become too impulsive and rush right in — whether it’s into that hot and heavy relationship or that pinnacle career moment that you’ve been building. You run a mile-a-minute and tend to get lost in your own explosion of fire. You’re clearly going to rise, but don’t burn yourself or your love out before you get there. No empire flourishes if you’re too tired to lead it.


Let go, Taurus, and stop digging your heels into the ground just to make a point. Life is about growth, not getting your way. Being stubborn is something that actually can be endearing about your practical and earthy nature, but you also tend to hold a grudge when you don’t get what you want most. Also, stop holding onto toxic relationships. If someone isn’t going to be “ready” to be with you or isn’t going to put in the work to make it happen, release them. You’ll actually finally feel free because of it.


The moment emotions and “the feels” tend to occur, you are faster than a whirlwind to fly out of there if you feel uncomfortable, Gemini. Don’t intellectualize those vulnerable spots, though, because they will help you learn even more about the world and the people around you. Communicate your own feelings authentically and don’t run away because you are meant for happiness, even if at times it can come through some growing pains.


When things get a bit wild in life, you’re the first to batten down the hatches, Cancer. But don’t get lost in your own emotional shell. Yes, life can be hard at times, but there’s no point in beating yourself up about things that happened before. Let go of the baggage. It doesn’t serve you. Like the water of the tide rinses the shore, allow the future to come in and flow right on in.


Of all the mighty signs, you are always keen to unleash your roar. But you must learn to bend and compromise, Leo. It’s not your way or the highway. You radiate and shine, but don’t shun someone in your life if things aren’t exactly perfect. Just like a prism bends light into a rainbow, sometimes we must see things in a different color to understand its beauty.


Life isn’t a recipe where you can add the exact amount of sugar and spice just to pull out the award-winning meal the same way every single time, Virgo. Stop obsessing over every detail and imperfection. Even if your relationships, projects, and plans don’t match up precisely with your initial vision, that’s okay. Even though you always tend to mean well, don’t be too critical all of the time. This doesn’t warm people’s hearts. It pushes people away.


You’re the sign most ready to partner up and swap out your original plans to mirror your one-and-only, but doesn’t that feel inauthentic after awhile? You have talents and genuine intellect on your own, so don’t let your opinions fall away just because that seems easier than standing up for what you feel. Know who you are and don’t lose yourself in your partnerships, Libra, and stop forgetting what you bring to your union with other people.


Emotional passion is great, Scorpio, but going into a mini-war — or a full-blown apocalypse — isn’t fun. Open your heart rather than harpooning anyone who comes close to seeing your vulnerability. Many Scorpio hold onto pain with a vengeance, but that doesn’t mean that the next person who you encounter is your ex or is going to hurt you like other people from your past have. Stop projecting that venom onto them.


You’re a wild one, Sagittarius, and this makes you enduring to some but an absolute repellant to others. However, you are so quick to put your finger in the socket before you think sometimes that you fry yourself before you even enjoy the experience. Make a list of the things that you want in your life, especially romantically, and be confident in it. You get distracted and scattered at times, so just be upfront and honest with your intentions, even if it’s just that you want to have fun and fly with freedom.


Judgment of others is one of your favorite past-times, Capricorn, yet you’re not so quick to look in the mirror. Don’t cut out your heart and get cold when it comes to your emotions just because it’s easier to do that. You’ve got to listen to your feelings and your heart sometimes, even if it’s not entirely practical. Happiness and love are worth it, so don’t run away.


You’re always right, Aquarius. Wrong. You are so often to get high on your pedestal the instant that you believe that you’ve found out “the truth,” but the fact is that most of the time, that’s just your opinion. Don’t just intellectualize your feelings, because your feelings are beautiful and real. Your stubbornness regarding your opinions is only cute until it makes you look arrogant, so listen to other people and let what they have to say sink in.


You’re mystical and a fantasy come to life for those around you, Pisces. That is, until you get lost in your own illusions. Don’t dive in so fast to new relationships, projects, and endeavors without realizing that you have to follow through without running away in terror. You have such vibrant and beautiful emotions so let love, and life, happen organically rather than continuously being hammered by the storm and being lost like a candle to the wind.

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