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Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces is the one most lost in a world of imagination. This is because they are the last zodiac sign of all, the one most connected to the spiritual realm and to being reborn. Pisces don’t like to get bogged down by the details and prefer going with the flow. When they are too contained, they get flustered and their emotions can overwhelm them. This makes Pisces one of the signs most prone to forgetting the details in order to focus more on the bigger picture.


Sagittarius possess one of the fastest moving minds in the zodiac, and this is because they are ruled by the mighty planet, Jupiter. Jupiter is all about thinking big and expansion, which is what many Sagittarius crave. They want new horizons and constant stimulation. When they are forced to buckle down and work, they can absolutely see results, but they find this tiresome. They are so often lost fantasizing about their next big adventure and yawning about any of the boring details.



Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, grace, and pleasure, Libra are prone to enjoying the good life. Also, as an Air Sign, they do tend to spend a lot of time in their heads, but because of this connection to Venus, they may not find themselves focusing on the important details but more on how they can spend more time embracing the beauty and luxury of life. Libra can at times be a little flighty, as well, if they are not balanced. This isn’t a bad thing – Libra certainly know how to charm and have fun, but they aren’t the most likely to be focusing on every little detail.

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