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All living creatures are made up of a great deal of water. Just as the Moon affects the tides of the sea, we, too, feel the gravitational effect of the Moon. Women have menstrual cycles tied to the Moon. Men and animals experience this, as well, and science has found proof for much of this. Mating, hunting, and other primal behaviors are tied to these lunar patterns.

All human beings are affected universally. There is not someone who is impervious. However, astrologically, the zodiac sign Cancer is traditionally ruled by the Moon. This means that it impacts their overall life very significantly. Yet, the Moon is a part of each person’s astrological make-up because we all have a Moon Sign (where the Moon was at the exact time of our birth). This Moon Sign informs our behaviors, reactions, and emotions throughout our lifetime. Also, the Moon will usually rule one area of the person’s natal (birth) chart so astrologers can see which area is tied to these cycles specifically. For instance, for Aries, it rules their home and family. For Capricorns, it rules their important partnerships in love and business.


The Full Moon has a stronger gravitational pull on the Earth, people, animals, and the tides. This creates a heightened intensity and is often tied to why some people act more impulsively and aggressively. We are naturally more stimulated when this gravitational pull is stronger.


In astrology, all planets create an effect on us. Everything in the Universe is tied together and just as the solar flares on the Sun impact us (our technology, etc), so do the gravitational pull of the other planets. We are tied together in a perfect alignment as nature intended it. For instance, if Jupiter did not exist to protect the inner planets due to its immense gravity and size, the Earth would be constantly showered with attacks from outside asteroids, comets, and cosmic debris.


There is nothing you can do. The best way to live is to be conscious of the effects intellectually first and foremost. Then, if you are of the esoterically-inclined, you can also use astrology as a strategy to know when it is or isn’t good to make certain actions.


All cycles of the Moon affect us. The entire cycle is tied to us. New Moons are usually a time of reset and are less intense. The closer we get to the Full Moon, the more heightened the energy, hormones, and emotions are. For this reason, the Waxing Moon is known for the increase, whereas the Waning Moon is known for the decrease and eventual release and reset.


People who naturally have chemical imbalances in their bodies or who are  not in balance emotionally, mentally, or physically will likely have more intense effects. For instance alcohol or other substances would enhance the effects of the Full Moon making people even more likely to be aggressive, impulsive, or emotional.

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