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Some zodiac signs are naturally gifted with authority. While all zodiac signs can become a leader, certain ones tend to seek these positions of power more often than not. Find out who below!

ARIES: Of all the zodiac signs, Aries are the best leaders — because they are the first sign in the zodiac. They know how to take charge and lead when others don’t know how to get started and can inspire and empower others around them to follow. An Aries always knows how to take charge and will take initiative.

LEO: When it comes to a zodiac sign that loves to be center-stage, Leo always know how to court the limelight and stand before a crowd. This ability to be magnetic is because they are ruled by the mighty Sun. They naturally can take authority and will use their charm to take power.

VIRGO: When it comes to one of the greatest managers in the zodiac, Virgo are excellent at creating plans and looking at the important details. This ability to be organized on a small level but also see the overall vision allows them to work well one-on-one but also with groups of people.

LIBRA: As a Cardinal Sign, Libra know how to initiate and get things started. While they often function best in partnerships, they do know how to take the lead when necessary. This careful dance of leading and following allows them to naturally connect well with people and use their charm to get their way.

CAPRICORN: With a natural hunger for power and authority, Capricorn love to rise to the upper ranks in life. They also know the importance of hard work and patience in order to get to the top. This allows them to go the long haul when other zodiac signs will give up just so they can reach the top of the mountain.

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