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Cameron Diaz is a Virgo Sun with Cancer Rising.

Benji Madden is a Pisces Sun. We don’t have his Rising Sign.

Right off the bat, they serve as a clear example of how the House of Partnership in astrology works. Cameron is a Virgo, whereas Benji is a Pisces. They are exactly 180 degrees across the stars from each other, meaning that they represent a yin and yang to each other and have a very clear completion. They work well together because they challenge each other but also inherently trust each other. There is a comfortable flow between them that is fun and creative. Cameron actually brings stability and security to Benji, whereas Benji brings out more spontaneity and imagination to Cameron. They both want to work together and have a lot of fun doing it because they each support each other.

Some interesting things to note is that in May 2014, Jupiter, planet of miracles, was in Cameron’s Rising Sign, meaning that she was launching important new beginnings that’d last for a coming 12 years. Also, it was in Benji’s Solar 5th House of True Love, so he was falling hard. Venus, planet of love, was dancing through Cameron’s Natal House of Partnership in December 2014 when they got engaged. In early 2015, when they were married, the Sun was in Cameron’s Natal House of Partnership, bringing immense power and strength to this area of her life. However, the last thing I’ll note for Cameron is that when news broke that they were having trouble conceiving — which was in January 2018, this was because Saturn, planet of obstacles and hardship, is literally in her House of Fertility. She is going to have to put in steady and hard work to get pregnant, but the pay off will be there. Things will look easier for her to conceive from March to July 2020, and then onward after December 17, 2020.

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