Are Channing Tatum and Jessie J astrologically compatible? Let’s find out.

Jessie J is an Aries with a Gemini Rising. This gives her so much feisty, exciting, and sass energy! She is here to have fun and loves adventure and stimulation. We don’t have Channing’s Rising Sign, but we do know that he is a Taurus.

Typically, Aries and Taurus aren’t always the absolute most rapidly compatible, but the two signs do have a lot they admire about each other, which can show why they are drawn to each other. Jessie, as an Aries, is more adventurous and spontaneous than Channing, a Taurus, but he likes this because it pushes him out of his comfort zone. Also, Channing’s loyalty, devotion, and extremely sensual side makes Jessie J wild — which is why the two can’t keep their hands off of each other.

The thing I love the most for them, though, is watching what has been going on with Jupiter. Last year, when they went official, Jupiter, planet of miracles was in Channing’s House of Partnership and Marriage. The two of them connecting at that time shows that it is fated and blessed for him. This is a magnificent energy. Also, with Jessie J being a Gemini Rising, this shows that now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius — so all of 2019 — she is actually most blessed in her partnerships and marriage. I actually could see the two of them taking steps closer together — moving in, making longterm plans, or even getting engaged at some point in time this year. Some dates to watch could be in the days after September 28th or in the days after October 27th. They’re a hot and fun couple to watch!

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