Chris Martin is a Virgo Rising, Pisces Sun, and a Leo Moon. Dakota Johnson is a Capricorn Rising, Libra Sun, and a Sagittarius Moon.

Right off the bat, we can see that there is an affinity between the two of their Rising Signs. Chris being a Virgo Rising is extremely attracted to Dakota’s Capricorn Rising because they are both of the Earth Sign element. Also, her Ascendent falls in Chris’s 5th House of True Love, so this affinity is very strong. He is drawn to her level-headedness, but also her neediness (which Capricorn don’t like to be known for, but always possess), and he loves to take care of her. Also, she enjoys being taken care of so she trusts him easily.

Also, by looking at their charts, we see that their Moon Signs are exactly trine with each other, meaning that emotionally they completely understand each other and appreciate the ease and compassion in their relationship. They again have an intuitive level of understanding that is hard to break.

However, their Sun Signs are not seen as the most compatible with (Chris) Pisces being a dreamy, emotional Water Sign and (Dakota) Libra being an intellectual Air Sign. But the thing about these two signs is they actually do have a lot in common, too. They like to be flexible and seek spontaneity and love luxury when it can be surrounding them. They both appreciate beauty and good food, sex, and the pleasures of life. Both signs often have a problem with over-spending, but the thing about them is that they’re the rich and famous and their money is legitimately not going to run out — so this isn’t a damper on their relationship.

When it comes to their timeline, though, the interesting thing about their relationship is that both are going through important relationship eclipses in 2018 to 2020. For Chris, we could see him fall in or out of love, or perhaps fall more deeply in love — and pregnancy is also favored for him. For Dakota, she is having major beginnings and endings with relationships, but for the ones that are strong, we could see them taking the very next steps together.

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