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Game of Thrones reigned supreme for this year's Emmy Awards, landing a record-breaking 32 nominations for its final season, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, and multiple acting categories. Despite upsetting fans with its divisive ending, the hit HBO series has now landed more Emmy nods than any other show in a single season, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Nominated actors include the show's heavy hitters, like Emilia Clarke (Lead Actress), Lena Headey (Supporting Actress), Kit Harington (Lead Actor), and Peter Dinklage (Supporting Actor). But this year's roster includes a number of first-time nominees as well: Sophie Turner (Supporting Actress), Gwendoline Christie (Supporting Actress), Carice van Houten (Guest Actress), and Alfie Allen (Supporting Actor).The series has received 161 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including eight consecutive Outstanding Drama Series nominations.

Game of Thrones received many nominations, with awards recognizing various aspects of the series such as directing, writing, cast, visual effects, or overall quality.For his work on “Game of Thrones,” Peter Dinklage won — for the fourth time — the award for best supporting actor in a drama. In his acceptance speech, he paid tribute to the show’s top producers, David Benioff and Dan Weiss. He said: “Dave and Dan, we literally walked through fire and ice for you. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

This HBO game-changer also picked up another 10 statues at the Creative Arts Emmys last weekend. To dive into how the stars are affecting both the series and Peter Dinklage, we thought we’d check into their personal charts and find out what is up with them!

When assessing the Game of Thrones television series natal chart, it is an Aries Sun with a Scorpio Rising. By looking at these, we can see the height of success it possesses, how the world sees it, as well as how it may actually end up.

As an Aries Sun, Game of Thrones is the leader of the pack, spearheading forward at breakneck speed, carrying the viewers on a journey. However, with a Scorpio Rising, it has always wanted the world to see it as sexy, dark, and mysterious — clear elements witnessed within the show. Scorpio energy is tied to the occult, to the darker recesses of the soul, and to the shadow self. It is highly likely that several people (executives) involved with the show have dabbled within these hidden arts and likely are drawn to sexual fetishes, particularly BDSM. They may actually practice currently or have asked others who do to partake on their behalf for the show’s success. Scorpio energy is one that is often tied to magic.

The series was originally “born” on a Full Moon — meaning that it was destined for greatness and huge exposure.

At its “birth,” the Sun (ruling its life force) was in the exact place in the sky as Jupiter, planet of miracles. This means that quite literally it was destined for wealth, success, and continuous expansion. It was “born with pure luck on its side.” The series also aired its season finale on a Full Moon, bringing culmination to the entire series in one fell swoop. All of these tie together to the fact that the series was going to also reign in victory.

The major thing to note is that with the TV show being a Solar Aries, it is currently undergoing eclipses in its house of fame of honor, so of course it was going to reach that crowned award. These eclipse began at the very beginning of this year. We witnessed the last one in mid-July, but eclipses echo over as a theme for an entire six months. Also, when looking astrologically at September 22nd, 2019, Mars, planet of passion and intensity, is in the televisions show’s Natal 10th House of Fame, Honor, and Achievement. This energized power brings fuel and victory to this area of the chart.

Now, let’s move onto Peter Dinklage. Peter Dinklage is a Gemini Sun with a Pisces Rising. However, he is the very last degree of Pisces, meaning most of his 10th House of Fame and Honor contains predominantly Capricorn energy. There are several important things to note for him at the time of the 2019 Emmy’s. Saturn, planet of maturity and achievement, is in his 10th House of Fame and Honor. This is excellent news because when a planet goes direct, especially a heavy hitting outter planet, we see significant momentum pick back up. With it being in his career, he’s reaping the rewards for hard work that he has built. Also, Jupiter, planet of miracles is in his Solar 7th House of Partnership, but often this shows how we relate to the public, as well. He is being blessed with tremendous fortune from this angle. Venus, planet of love and magnetism, and Mercury, planet of communication, are now in his Natal 7th House, as well, giving him yet another opportunity when it comes to connection. Another thing to note is that Uranus, planet of shock and surprise, is in his 1st House of Identity, meaning his life has been getting shaken up for many years already and he is fully transforming in front of the entire world. However, let’s fast forward to even more details.

The Sun, ruling power and energy, was conjunct to his Natal Jupiter. This means that he is receiving expansion, optimism, and positive growth in his life, as well as moving toward his life’s goals.

The Sun is opposed to his Ascendant, which again spills even more blessings into his life. Last, the Sun is currently square his Midheaven, which is his highest point of achievement in life. This means his public life, including his work and career, are thrust into his conscious awareness, leading him to new levels of energy, wisdom, and breakthroughs. Congratulations to Peter Dinklage and the entire Game of Thrones family.

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