It’s disappointing to hear another couple has split in Hollywood, especially after several years of being together.

Jamie Foxx is a Sagittarius Sun, Taurus Moon. Katie Holmes is a Leo Rising, Sagittarius Sun, and Leo Moon.

Right off the bat when looking at their natal charts, we can see that there is some initial synergy. Both of their Venuses are in Scorpio and nearly conjunct, which means in the exact same place in the sky. This is a powerful message of compatibility and love for this couple. This helps boost their overall compatibility. Their styles of expressing love and affection are similar. This basic understanding goes a long way towards enhancing cooperation. They tend to appreciate how one another dresses, decorates, handles money, and socializes as well. Similar tastes and values are present for them. This also suggests that they tend to cooperate with one another on a basic level. For the most part, they felt at ease in one another’s company.

They’re also both Sagittarius, and this is a zodiac sign that craves stimulation, excitement, energy, and spontaneity. The fact that they both understood this about one another helped them trust one another and also not question the other’s need for freedom when it occurred.

However, looking at the timeline here, we can see a few different things. We don’t have Jamie’s Rising Sign, so it is a bit harder to peer into his life but we can understand more because of Katie’s Rising Sign of Leo. In August 2013, when they were secretly dating, Jupiter, the planet of miracles and fortune, wars in Katie’s 12th House of Secrets and Privacy, gifting with her happiness behind-the-scene — and urging her to pursue that. Mars, planet of passion and force, was also here, encouraging her urge to lay below the radar.

In March of 2015, when they were holding hands in photos, Mars and Venus were in both of their Solar 5th House of love and romance. They were feeling passionate for each other and were allowing their energy to be expressed.

In January 2018, when they were at a public Grammy’s party, Uranus, the planet of liberation and surprise, had been going through a long transit in both Jamie and Katie’s Solar 5th House of Romance, as well, shaking them out of their comfort zones and letting them let loose more during this time.

However, the interesting thing is throughout all of 2019, Jupiter, the planet of miracles, has been in Jamie and Katie’s sign of Sagittarius — essentially launching them into the beginning chapter of the coming 12 years of their lives. Whenever this occurs we begin major patterns that will continue for us — whether that be new relationships, new steps in existing ones, or projects and paths that will lead us to more fulfillment over the next 12 years.

As they recently said they’ve been broken up since May 2019, we can peer into where the stars were then. Jupiter was still there, but retrograde, meaning that it was having them change direction in important ways. They realized their current path wasn’t truly fulfilling them. Mars, the planet of passion but also war, was across the sky from both of them, making them angry with their partner and causing potential friction. Normally this will make relations with a partner stronger or more intense, but if there are conflicts, it causes explosions. Since they both were feeling frustrated and angry, there is likely a very large fight erupted and it was because of this clash with Mars.

However, the very interesting thing is that the news about all of this started to heat up since August 18th, when Mars, planet of intensity, moved into both of their fame and public recognition sectors. For Jamie, he’s getting press about being with a new women. For Katie, she’s in the public eye because she’s insulted about his new romance already. This is why the news is simply coming out now.

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