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Justin Bieber is a Pisces Sun with a Scorpio Rising. Hailey Baldwin is a Sagittarius Sun. This is not a typical connection that you would assume would go for the long haul. However, we can look into many different aspects that worked in their favor.

The first time that they tied the knot and got a marriage license was September 13th, 2018. This was days after a New Moon in the constellation of Virgo. For Justin, this was a new dawning in his marriage and partnership sector, whereas for Hailey, this was a bright window open in her fame and public recognition sphere. Sometimes we do get married when our fame and publicity is lit up because we are front-and-center and want everyone to turn and pay attention to us. For Justin, this is absolutely a long-term love connection in his eyes, whereas Hailey does enjoy the glitz and the glam of it all. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him, by any means, but the power is one of the greatest factors. Look at how fast she was to change her Instagram handle to “HaileyBieber.” It’s about the empire, for sure.

The two married in front of family and friends on September 30th, 2019, which took place interestingly right after another New Moon, but this time it is a New Moon in Libra. Libra naturally rules partnership, marriage, and union, so it is actually a very fated time astrologically. Coupling often takes place naturally around this period of time. However, Mars, planet of passion and drive, is in Justin’s House of Marriage, where it is in Hailey’s House of Fame. This is their big drive at this time. He is dramatically focused on going all in with her, she is feeling the firepower that it is giving her on a global level. Again, this doesn’t mean the connection is flawed. It just shows what is highlighted at the given time. Also, interestingly, Jupiter, planet of miracles, is in Hailey’s Sign, gifting her with important cycles for the coming 12 years, and for Justin, Jupiter is in his House of Fame, so this is a major achievement for him in his life journey. He truly is a romantic and has wanted to be married to his soul mate for a very long time and it has come true.

When looking into their exact astrological alignment, I noticed that her Mars, ruling aggression and passion, is almost exactly opposite his Venus and his Sun. This means that there is a natural polarity to them. She is the aggressor when it comes to their sexual connection and moving things forward and he lets her take the lead. He actually finds this yin/yang to them quite exhilarating and it surely means their sex is fiery and passionate. This is a great connection for romance and shows their passion will always remain alive.

Next, his Mars is in Aquarius whereas her Venus is in Libra. They are in a perfect trine alignment, meaning that they will always feel a “bit in love” even after the sparkle starts to fade. This is yet another blessed connection for a serious romantic love.

His Moon is also conjunct, or exactly in the same place, as her Venus, ruling her affection. This shows their connection is sweet and tender and will deepen with time. 

Last, his Ascendant is also conjunct her Sun. This is a long-lasting connection and shows that they look good together and feel good together.

All in all, this is a strong match despite some atypical odds.

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