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Are Katharine McPhee and David Foster astrologically compatible? Let’s find out.

This is such a weird couple.

Katherine is an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Rising, with Capricorn Moon.

David is a Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon.

Aries with Scorpio can create intense passion since they’re both ruled by Mars. But this can also cause conflicts, too.

Their Moon Signs are compatible, though, being Capricorn and Pisces. This means that they really can communicate from a place of understanding, but it is likely that Katharine is a bit more reserved than he is, but he likes that she can keep him on his toes.

With her being an Aries Sun, she is direct and aggressive, with her being a Saggitarius Rising she is adventurous and passionate and can be impulsive. This all allows him to feel engaged but him being a Scorpio also shows that he likes his own way of having control.
There are also some very intriguing planetary aspects:

“Conjunction (Her) Mercury - (Him) Pluto

Positive aspect: Favorable union of the minds. They speak to each other about things they never talk about to others.

Trine (Her) Mars - (His) Neptune

Positive aspect: There is an ability to bring imagination and fantasy successfully to the relationship. While interactions can be hard to define at times, you help refine one another's outlook. There is an element of mystery that attracts you to one another.

Sextile (Her) Mars - (His) Pluto

Positive aspect: Enormous physical passion. The sexual attraction is intense and insistent. They want to be around each other as much as possible. Their sexual relationship evolves with time, instead of dissolves.”

But let’s also talk about the transits — with them being engaged and married, we are seeing eclipses in a few different ways.

For Aries, they’re seeing eclipses in relation to their career blowing up. With her Sagittarius Rising, this shows that natally she is in one of the luckiest 12 years of her life, the start of a whole new chapter. 

However, for David, Jupiter is in his 2nd House of Possessions and Belongings and Worth — and he is judging himself by how “lucky” he is to have her, a clear show of possessiveness and ownership.

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