Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemmons Astrological Compatibility.jpg


Kirsten Dunst is a Leo Rising, Taurus Sun, with a Leo Moon.

Jesse Plemons is an Aries Sun with Libra Moon.

On first look, this connection between the two doesn’t make initial sense. While we don’t have Jesse’s Rising Sign, I can see that his Aries Sun is aligned well with her Rising Sign in Leo and Leo Moon. This means that he is very drawn to how she presents herself, her identity, and the mask she shows the world. There’s a natural ease and enjoyment between the two because of this. Also, there’s a sweet connection between their rapport emotionally, as well, because her Rising Sign and Moon Sign are also in alignment with his Moon. Across the board, they intuitively like each other a great deal, even though NORMALLY you would think that an Aries and a Taurus may not be the longest lasting relationship in the book. Aries is a Fire Sign and can be a bit more impulsive than the slower moving Earth Sign of Taurus. However, the next thing I will note about them is that his Venus is at 29 degrees Taurus, whereas her Venus is at 25 degrees Pisces. This is considered a harmonic influence to them, particularly in their relationship and rapport. This means the partners have similar tastes and likings and therefore are able to please each other rather well. They often share hobbies and similar values which connect them. Her ideas of love are also close to his heart, a fact that often leads to harmony and comfort in the relationship. Emotions between these two are flowing smoothly and without any complication. All in all, Jesse and Kirsten are truly a sweet and sensible couple.

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