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Kylie Jenner is a Leo Sun with a Capricorn Rising. Travis Scott is a Taurus Sun. We don’t have his Rising Sign, but we can still see certain connections.

Right offhand, we can see that his Sun Sign is aligned beautifully to her Ascendant. This denotes great relationship compatibility and a synergy between them. However, Leo and Taurus, while not incompatible, are both Fixed Signs. They must put in work to make their connection remain strong because they both can be very stubborn. They have a lot of similarities, but ultimately do need to learn to compromise. With Kylie being the Capricorn Rising, she’s a businesswoman and can at times ultimately be focused on building her empire. His Moon in Aries is also sweetly aligned to her Sun in Leo, yet another connection of harmony and trust.

However, the reason this is occurring is because of the eclipses that are hitting Kylie’s Natal Ascendant and Descendant. This is the House of her Identity and her House of Partnership. In 2018 to 2020, anyone with a Sun or Rising Capricorn (or Cancer) are experiencing destined meetings, engagements, weddings or unions…or separating or changing the way their partnerships are set up. This doesn’t always happen instantly at an eclipse, it can happen at any time between the corresponding eclipses as they establish a pattern in that year.

However, important things to note for Travis are that from August to October 2019, major planets have been heating up his love and romance sector, so it is very likely he’s been experiencing that. It doesn’t by any means show that he was cheating…if he was, though, it could come out near the Full Moon in his Karma and Privacy sector near October 13, 2019.

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