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This is such a fascinating story because I’ve actually been so confused about Miley and Liam ever being together in the first place. Granted, we don’t have his full natal chart, but they’re not immediately a couple I ever think “Wow! You’re going to last forever.” That doesn’t mean a couple can’t work through their relationship, but I’ve sensed more trouble in paradise for years. Now let’s dive into the scandal.

Miley Cyrus is a Taurus Rising with Sagittarius Sun Sign.

Liam Hemsworth is a Capricorn Sun Sign.

Offhand, we know that Miley is a Fire Sign and Liam is an Earth Sign. They’re also radically different, too. Miley is free-spirited, passionate, wild and as she announced even years ago, she can’t be tamed because she’s just being Miley. Sagittarius natives will go absolutely insane if they are feeling trapped, locked down, or “settling.” They want constant stimulation. Liam, on the other hand, is a Capricorn and he is ruled by Saturn. The lovely thing about Capricorn is that they almost always have a great sense of humor, which Miley would love about him, and he grounds her and stabilizes her and also will be very loyal when he’s in for the long haul. They’ve been Hollywood stars for years, so I think when Miley has had some of her bigger dramatic experiences and turmoils, he’s actually been a great system of support. However, as I’ve been mentioning for months, all Capricorn and Cancer are going through major destined moments in relation to partnerships — the good ones are getting closer, the ones that aren’t meant to last are being shattered and it is separating them apart. Liam is a Capricorn as I mentioned, so it hits him directly. This “falling out” has been going for months, and realistically probably since about April. This is when Jupiter went retrograde, and it currently is in his 12th House of Karma and Secrets. He has wanted to make it work, but he also realizes that he can find someone who is better for him if he releases, lets go, and heals whatever is inside of him. Another big point I want to address is that Jupiter, planet of miracles and opportunity, is in Sagittarius — so it is in Miley’s sign. It has been there since November, and it will continue to be there until December 2019. This shows that she is setting up major trends across the board for her life that’ll last 12 years. She’s recreating herself, she’s breaking free, she is figuring out what she wants to be. Jupiter was retrograde from April until August, and it is now going back to a direct position in the sky now. And that means that she’s been doing a lot of soul-searching about her identity and her path — and with them separating, and her talking about wanting to evolve — she’s serious. She actually astrologically is evolving. Also, another fun thing to note though is that there’s a lot of energy going on in her long-distance travel sector so I think it’s hilarious how she’s off galavanting having romance far from home.

The next thing I’ll add is that Kaitlynn Carter is a Virgo Sun, and so that’s another Earth Sign. However, we don’t have her Rising Sign. The reason Miley is drawn to Earth Signs like Taurus and Capricorn is because they do help center chaos and they’ll be there as a reliable figure. I looked into Miley’s chart specifically, and Kaitlynn’s Sun actually exists inside of Miley’s Natal 5th House of Love and Passion. There’s a synergy of fun and connection between them. Kaitlynn literally gets Miley “hot” like the Sun would. Miley is a Taurus Rising so this is why it occurs.

As for Brody Jenner, he’s a Leo, and that doesn’t always mix the best with Kaitlynn, a Virgo. However, there were eclipses happening in July 2019 that were making Kaitlynn fall in and out of love, and eclipses for Brody about secrets and karma coming to light — so that’s why they both just know so deeply they aren’t meant for each other. Last, with Mercury Retrograde having occurred, I can see that Miley and Kaitlynn actually first connected as friends but then changed how they viewed each other, and for Brody, he was having dirt uncovered he didn’t want to see and he’s going to do his best to move forward as quickly as possible now that Mercury is back to full strength.

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