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Miley Cyrus is a Taurus Rising with a Sagittarius Sun Sign.  Kaitlynn Carter is a Virgo Sun. We don’t have her Rising Sign. The reason Miley is drawn to Earth Signs like Taurus and her ex, Liam Hemsworth, who was a Capricorn, is because they do help center her fiery Sagittarius Sun Sign and they’ll be there as a reliable figure. I looked into Miley’s chart specifically, and Kaitlynn’s Sun actually exists inside of Miley’s Natal 5th House of Love and Passion. There’s a synergy of fun and connection between them. Kaitlynn literally gets Miley “hot” like the Sun would. Miley is a Taurus Rising so this is why it occurs.

Astrologically, many of the planets have been dancing through Miley’s natal sector of romance and passion. In August till October 2019, we’ve seen Venus, gifting romance, and Mars, gifting hot sex, to her. However, just as Mars can bring passion, it can also fizzle out and move onto the next conquest. This is certainly happening as Miley has made statements about wanting to date around and she’s going to do what she wants to do. She just got out of a significant long-term situation with Liam, so of course she isn’t going to want to be tied down. This also is happening because Miley is in a period of rebirth and transformation as Jupiter, planet of miracles, is in her Sun Sign. It entered there in November 2018 and remains there until December 2019. This is when she is establishing important cycles for 12 years. Sagittarius are known for being free-spirited and wanting to fly free. Spontaneity and excitement are important for a Sagittarius. Anything or anyone that makes them claustrophobic will be the first thing to make them want to run. Miley exhibits this quite readily.

Last in this newfound romantic dance, we see that Cody Simpson is an Aquarius Rising with a Capricorn Sun. This is an interesting mix with Miley. You wouldn’t consider this match to be explosively compatible, but of course, astrology is more complicated than just that. Her ex, Liam, is also Capricorn as I mentioned before – so she does like these people with dominant Earth Sign energy.

However, on closer look, Cody’s Mars, ruling passion and sex, is aligned extremely well with her Sun. They are in a perfect harmony denoting chemistry and spontaneity. It is almost surprisingly sweet and passionate. Last to notice is that they both have their natal Venus in Capricorn, meaning that the way they give and receive affection is also very similar. They both are ambitious, witty, and goal-oriented and this allows their connection to be enjoyed in the moment. They both are being practical in what they recognize their connection to be now and realize it is what it is: a power move from Cody, and just a flash in the pan for Miley.

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