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Of all the “it” couples to make a splash in 2019, it is no doubt Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. Their wedding bells have been building for some time and we all adore a soft and sweet “meant to be” moment! Nick has been causing earthquakes with his vocal talent and he found a star-crossed lover in Priyanka (philanthropist, actor, and winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant) the instant that they connected. Both are explosively talented, movers and shakers, and have an interest not only in entertainment but also in making a positive impact on the world. Whether it’s through philanthropy or voicing support of important political issues, both seem to have been destined to partner from the galaxy above. Nick, an intellectual Virgo, blends so superbly with the emotional and sensitive Cancer, Priyanka. While both signs do have a tendency to take it slowly and wait for the right moment to make a move, this works so beautifully in their favor. Both have been in the public eye for many years, and with so much fame and fortune at their fingertips, they are two of the signs most cautious when choosing a romantic partner. Nick and Priyanka have deep emotions, which Nick will spend time dissecting with his Virgo attention to detail, while Priyanka will feel to the core of her being with the softness of her Cancerian heart.

Also, on much closer assessment, Priyanka’s birth Mars, ruling her sex drive and passion, is in the exact same place in the sky as Nick’s birth Venus, ruling his affection and romance. This falls in the zodiac sign of Libra for both of them, a sign known for marriage, partnership, and union. This means that their connection is the true union of love, passion, and attraction for them both. They feel as if they have found an ideal partner. Cheers to many great years ahead for them!

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