Are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban astrologically compatible? Let’s find out.

Nicole Kidman is a Scorpio Rising, Gemini Sun. Keith Urban is a Cancer Rising, Scorpio Sun. Right off the bat, we can see that their Rising Signs are super compatible. They’re both water signs rising and there’s this intrinsic intuitive rapport. There’s an emotional connection between them, almost telepathic, and there is a strong understanding from Keith’s end of Nicole’s persona and how she carries herself publicly. This is because her Rising Sign is closely aligned to his Sun Sign. This can be one of the important factors when determining marriage and long-lasting relationships. Nicole identified with Keith and Keith had respect and admiration for her. They also had similar goals. This can also signify great physical attraction.

Their wedding on June 25th, 2006 had some lovely aspects. It was a New Moon, signifying an important new beginning for their relationship together. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury were in Cancer, which is Keith’s Rising Sign, signifying he was radiant and emphasizing his masculine energy. However, Venus was in Gemini, which is Nicole’s sign, showing she was radiating like a Goddess. Mars, signifying more masculine power, was in Keith’s sector of fame, while Jupiter, planet of luck and fortune, was in Scorpio. For Nicole, this was signifying an important beginning chapter for the next 12 years, but it also affected Keith in an important similar way, since he is a Scorpio Sun. They actually were launching important new chapters that year — together and separately.

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