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Pete Davidson is a Scorpio Sun with Capricorn Moon. Margaret Qualley is a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Gemini Moon.

The connection between two Scorpio is always a very passionate and intense one because their emotions run extremely deep and both have a strong need for intense sexual union. This can definitely be a fatal attraction at times — but the good thing about this union is that both hold a great deal of possessiveness, obsessive tendencies, and demand extreme relationships. This would definitely one of the most significant all or nothing relationships in the zodiac. While yes, this can be a fantastic match, the two may eventually become bored with each other on one end or may end up going to war with each other. Scorpio are known for their vindictive streaks and often have great difficulty communicating their emotions, even though their emotions run as deep as the ocean and burn as brightly as an inferno.When you have two people out for blood and not communicating, this can lead to a constant battle and Scorpio do not ever forgive and forget. However, while we do not know Pete Davidson’s Rising Sign, we do know that Margaret Qualley is a Sagittarius Rising and she is in the biggest new chapter for the coming 12 years. Jupiter is gifting her with significant luck and opportunity and the fact that they’ve connected and are official now, it means there’s luck infused into her coming chapter, and as I’ve mentioned before, when Jupiter is in your Sun Sign or Rising Sign, people often say that it is the most likely time to find a soul mate, get engaged, or get married. For Sagittarius Sun or Rising, this is their fortunate year, and for Capricorn Sun or Rising, a lot of that will happen in 2020.

As for Pete’s compatibility with some of his past loves, we can take a dive. Ariana Grande is a Cancer Sun with Capricorn Rising. Cancer Sun and Scorpio Sun are very compatible and aligned. This is a great match. Cancer helps ease the Scorpios fire, and the two intrinsically trust each other. Cancer is far more sensitive than Scorpio, and they’re both rather needy so they’ll align in meeting each other’s needs. Cancer will want to coddle Scorpio at times, and this works when Scorpio is all fired up about something and needs to be soothed, whereas Scorpio will enjoy being able to challenge and motivate Cancer when they are so lost in their feels. I actually think they had a really great connection while it lasted, but it’s likely their intense emotions caused them to shatter. Next we have Kate Beckinsale. Kate Beckinsale is a Leo Sun with Gemini Moon. This is not a match you’d think is going to be easy, but it will surely be hot and passionate. Both signs are very demanding and as long as they’re working in tandem, they’ll be sure to enjoy it. Guaranteed their sex life was very wild, and both signs demand loyalty and intense relationships. However, I feel like Kate actually lost interest more over time because if you constantly have Scorpio fire and water with a hot and cold personality dragging down your own light, it can just feel like you’re taking care of someone, and as much as Scorpio act like they’re not needy, they are actually one of the neediest signs in the zodiac. The connection between these two clearly just fizzled out.

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