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Rami Malek is a Taurus Sun with a Cancer Rising. Lucy Boynton is a Capricorn Sun. We don’t know her Rising Sign.

Right offhand, this is one of the absolute best connections of compatibility in the entire zodiac. Taurus and Capricorn are both Earth Signs and they share common interests, lifestyles, and connection. Their alignment not only typically brings a lot of fun and pleasure to both, but they can also make great plans together for the long-term. The sex between them is also usually very hot because Taurus pulls out the lusty and erotic side in a Capricorn, and the Capricorn brings out the passion from the Taurus.

Now to look at their timeline, back in 2017 when the two filmed “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Jupiter was in Libra. For Rami, there was a focus on writing, speaking, and singing astrologically, whereas for Lucy, there was a huge launching for her career.

Then, through much of 2018, Jupiter was in Scorpio, which for Rami, meant there was a focus on love and passion, showing that their connection truly is magnetic and fun.

Throughout 2019, we have predominantly seen Jupiter in Sagittarius, whereas for Rami shows that he is growing even closer to his important partner. Their sex life and erotic connection also has certainly grown during this year.

As for Lucy, from 2018 to 2020 she is going through very significant eclipses in her partnership zone, meaning that she is taking major steps forward in relation to love and union during this time and we could even see them get engaged, move in together, or take important long-term steps together, as well.

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