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Well, this is quite an interesting story here, so let’s dive right in.

Sarah Jessica Parker is an Aries. Fiery. Dominant. Strong-willed. A leader. She was a leader of the show and eventually even became an Executive Producer. She wanted her stamp on the franchise and wanted it clearly known that she was the powerhouse not only in front of, but also behind the camera. Sarah is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet and the assertive force.

Kim Cattrall is a Leo. Leo are prideful, also fiery and dominant, and extremely stubborn. This doesn’t make Kim or any Leo a bad person, they radiate naturally and have tremendous gifts of performance, creativity, and magnetism. Kim is ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system. Because of this, most Leos demand attention and if they do not get it or are the shining star, they can feel defeated and become resentful.

Clearly — as we can see — the make-up of their feud is in their sign. On one hand, the two fire signs of Aries and Leo can be incredible together — passionate, powerful, dynamic. As many people have said, Sarah and Kim were the favorites of the entire Sex and the City empire. But when grudges happen, Aries — so Sarah — can let it go — whereas Kim — a Leo — will hold onto that forever.

Kristin Davis is a sweet and sensitive Pisces, which is so funny because that is how her character totally comes off. Cynthia Nixon is also an Aries, but the thing about Aries is that whether or not they ARE the leader, they want to be in cahoots with the ones who are. So when Kim alleged that there was a Mean Girls squad, of course this makes complete and total sense — Sarah was the fiery Aries leader, and Kristin, an excitable Pisces, and Cynthia, a passionate Aries, wanted to follow the path forward. Sarah was THE STAR OF THE SHOW and an Executive Producer. There’s no eclipsing that, so of course those signs would want to be on the good side of her. Kim, however, didn’t give a single shit, because she knew her own star power and didn’t want or need to bow to anyone. Ultimately, this drove them apart and Kim felt rejected, disrespected, and resentful. Unfortunately, it truly does look like this feud will never go away.

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