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Selena Gomez is a Cancer Sun, Leo Rising, with an Aries Moon. Justin Bieber is a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Rising, with a Libra Moon.

Obviously, on a very basic level, Justin’s Pisces Sun and Selena’s Cancer Sun are in tremendous alignment. There is an intuitive connection and a harmony between these two signs and they truly do have a magical and sensitive relationship. This can often be a soul mate connection, particularly from Justin’s end of things because she rules his Solar House of True Love.

The next thing I noticed is that their Moon Signs are almost completely 180 degrees opposite. This is a powerful connection but can create friction and polarity. The romantic partners in this relationship have two different sets of emotional needs which they approach from opposite directions. They are attracted to one another and can be sexually and domestically compatible, but they just each have their own way of doing things. For this relationship to work they will require excellent communication and a desire to use the benefits of looking at issues from two sides balancing the best of both, rather than arguing over which of them is right.

The last thing I will note is that her Sun is exactly aligned and trine his Ascendant. This means that Selena has always found the way that he presents himself and his personality to be extremely admirable and they do share important convictions and plans in life.

It is unfortunate that they did not last, but I have a feeling they were karmic lovers and that would be something that could be further investigated in another reading.

As for her compatibility with the Weeknd, the Weeknd is an Aquarius Sun. You don’t often see Aquarius and Cancer super aligned, especially because Aquarius can be detached and eccentric, whereas Cancer requires stability and emotional vulnerability. However, the connection between them is actually really intriguing because his Venus, ruling his affection and romantic desire, is loosely opposed to her Sun. This creates a polarity and draw between them that can be magnetic. Also, she, as a Leo Rising, is very drawn to his Aquarius Sun because there is an alignment of partnership and marriage, whereas he is equally drawn back in a similar polarity. That is where this connection ignited, but clearly, it did not have enough staying power.

Of the two loves, it is clear in an astrological perspective but also a global one, Selena and Justin were far more compatible and aligned than Selena and the Weeknd.

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