Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello astrologically compatible? Let’s find out.

Shawn is a Leo. Camila is a Pisces. The interesting thing about this combination is that they’re both very creative, expressive, and emotional signs. Shawn is ruled by the Sun, which is creativity and entertainment and expression, whereas Camila is ruled by Neptune, planet of divine inspiration and it actually rules Hollywood. Right off the bat, their charts aren’t super compatible, besides the fact that I can see how the flow is leading. Shawn is a dynamic Leo and is definitely taking charge. He will lead. Camila, as a Pisces, is fine to follow and let him call the shots. She just wants to feel, create, and have fun doing it. So naturally, that would go there. However, without knowing Shawn’s Rising Sign, it’s hard to say if they have any significant romance or partnership energy going for them in that realm. Their Sun Signs aren’t the most compatible for love, marriage, or partnership, either.

However, the thing that I’m seeing and loving, though, is taking note of two big things. Jupiter, planet of luck and fortune, is in Sagittarius. For Shawn, this rules creativity and art. For Camila, this rules her fame, career, and public recognition. They’re being divinely blessed with this throughout most of this year. ALSO, even funnier, is that their video and song dropped near the Full Moon in Sagittarius — July 17th. A Full Moon brings culmination in the several days before and after, and they dropped the song on the 20th — which is in that window. So Shawn’s creativity and Camila’s career were in that spotlight, sparkling along with Jupiter’s divine luck.

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