Taylor Swift is a Capricorn Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon. Joe Alwyn is a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon.

I like them together because we can see that there is a synergy. Even though Taylor has a lot of fire energy, she also has a lot of earth and water because of her Rising/Moon Sign. 

While we don’t know Joe’s Rising Sign, we do know that their Moon Signs have a good synergy. Cancer with Taurus always works so beautifully and is sensitive, emotional, and loves security. This is important to both of them because they both want the long-term. My gut is saying that their Rising Signs are very compatible because Taylor has had a lot of passionate and intense flings, but the privacy and security of this one seems to really draw her in, so I’m anticipating that Joe has an Earth or Water Rising Sign to really calm her, soothe her, and bring her back down to Earth.

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