The stars above have aligned for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. What does their astrology have to say?

Taylor Swift is a Capricorn Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon. Katy Perry is a Triple Scorpio across the board — Rising, Sun, and Moon. She holds grudges and she plays for keeps. 

Astrologically speaking, there’s a few things to look at. As we’ve mentioned before, Taylor is going through eclipses in her identity — changing it and shifting it — showing she is being redirected to her highest purpose and wants the world to see her in new and transformative ways. Also, with Jupiter being in her Sun Sign until December of this year, she’s in a phoenix “being reborn” part of her life that is establishing patterns for the next 12 years. Next year will also be big for her because of her Capricorn Rising when Jupiter goes into there throughout 2020. She’s getting rid of old ways of doing things, releasing the baggage and karma, and wanting to shake it off so to speak. Also, with Jupiter being in your sign, you’re luckier, too, and she wants to set good patterns into the cosmos and into her life. The Sun is currently in her House of Partnership right now, which is a perfect way to show that she’s uniting with Katy in a pleasant way. The House of Partnership also rules open enemies, too, meaning though she and Katy were all about their bad blood, they’ve merged their differences into a mutually beneficial partnership now, instead. That’s why sometimes people say keep your friends close but your enemies closer!

As for Katy, Uranus, planet of transformation and liberation is in HER House of Partnership now shaking things up and helping her shiver out of old patterns. This is going to liberate her more and help her to establish unique partnerships, collaborations, and relationships — perhaps ones she’d never expected before. Things are looking up!

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