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Ariana Grande is a Cancer Sun with a Capricorn Rising. The fact that she has been experiencing eclipses in her Sign since 2018 and they began to rain down on her Ascendant this year, too, her whole life is karmically and intensely changing. And rapidly. She’s being shifted on her life’s direction and as she’s one of the biggest pop stars on Earth, she’s experiencing significant growth in the public eye. This would be tough even if you aren’t a superstar. She’s going through major beginnings and endings in her own identity, but also in relation to partnerships — in business and love. Next year will be even bigger for her in her life’s journey. I’m expecting some extremely significant partnership energy happening for her in 2020.

However, the reason this is all bubbling up with her anxiety, depression, and stress NOW in August and September 2019 is because she is experiencing her Mars Return. This is when Mars in the sky NOW is going over the exact same place in the sky where it was when she was born. Mars Returns take place once every 2 years — roughly — and cause new beginnings to be launched. They can be passionate and exciting, but there’s always a massive abundance of energy and firepower going on. This also is the time when anything that is explosive will boil over and erupt in a potentially painful or violent way. Think of Mars as like a firecracker. If there’s gasoline that it runs over, it’ll explode. Another example is that imagine you have a pimple and it needs to erupt but it isn’t just yet — when Mars would run over it, it’d burst. That may not be the most beautiful example in the world, but it is what is happening to her depression and anxiety. I actually think she’s going to be in a fine place going forward, as long as she stops having to go-go-go forever. This is a burn out that is happening, not a mental breakdown. However, if we do not rest, that can exacerbate anxiety and it could affect her health even more significantly. Yet, as I mentioned with Jupiter moving into her Ascendant next year, she’s doing some much needed healing now and things will flourish and improve. I wonder if she’s going to get pregnant…

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