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Jennifer Lopez is a Leo. Shakira is an Aquarius with an Aries Ascendant.

In 2018 until 2020, J-Lo is going through eclipses in her work sphere and her privacy sector about projects behind-the-scenes. In 2019, she is watching Jupiter, planet of miracles, moving through her creativity, romance, and art sector, and this is clear with her new engagement going on and movie “Hustlers”, as well.

Shakira is going through eclipses in her career sector throughout 2019 and into 2020. Jupiter will be moving through her career and fame sector throughout much of 2020, which promises even bigger things ahead.

Also, with Jennifer being a Leo and Shakira being an Aquarius, this is an extremely compatible partnership alignment which is why it makes perfect sense. The stars quite literally linked them!

Now let’s look at some important dates. J-Lo and Shakira announced on September 26, 2019 that they were set to perform in the 2020 Super Bowl. At this time, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus were in Libra. Jupiter was in Sagittarius. For J-Lo, this energy was all about launching an important message to the world, whereas for Shakira she was excited about the global and international exposure. Shakira is from Colombia, and quite literally international news is being highlighted. From her Natal Chart, though, it was all about news with a partner. Specifically on this date, also, Mercury (in Libra) was square Pluto (in Capricorn). For J-Lo, this was highlighting important news about her work life and employment, whereas for Shakira it was highlighting news from a partner about her career.

Now let’s move forward to the actual Super Bowl and predictions for that. The Super Bowl will take place on February 2, 2020. On this day,  the Sun and Mercury will be in Aquarius. Mars will be in Sagittarius. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all be in Capricorn. This means a few different things. For J-Lo, her creativity will be absolutely on fire and she will be dramatic as possible. With so much energy in her employment sector, she is surely going to be building more day-to-day jobs from this performance. Also, with planets in her partnership sector, she is going to actually be feeling like she’s leaning a bit more on Shakira because their partnership requires an equal share of the spotlight. For Shakira, with so much power in her Sun Sign, she is actually going to be more radiant than J-Lo and likely has some important news launching right from that date — perhaps an album or project. I also see that because there’s so much heavy-hitting energy thundering in her career sector. Also, with Mars lighting up her sector of hopes and dreams, she’s truly reaching an important life achievement.

The last thing I will say is that on February 2nd, 2020, Venus will be sextile Pluto. This means that passionate feelings will be affecting the world and they have the ability to transform you and your relationships. Sexuality is highly favored, and with both of these global powerhouses being known for their beauty and sexuality, you can expect a hypnotic and enchanting performance.

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