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This is by far one of the most interesting astrological Hollywood stories I have ever seen.

Tom Cruise is a Cancer Sun with a Scorpio Rising. This very intense Water Sign energy is what gives him deep emotions. His Scorpio Rising makes him mysterious, enigmatic, and highly secretive.

Katie Holmes is a Sagittarius Sun with a Leo Rising. She is pure Fire Sign energy, which is very different from Tom Cruise’s Water Sign predominants. You would very rarely, if ever, find these kinds of signs aligned. Cancer craves control and routine, whereas Sagittarius craves freedom and spontaneity. Both Tom and Katie have a Leo Moon, though, which means that no matter what they were able to relate and react similarly and understand each other’s way of doing things. Their emotional rapport did exist because of this.

However, the thing that I find the most fascinating about their connection is not about compatible affection or styles, but in the fact that each of their birth Venus is conjunct the other person’s Ascendant. Katie’s Venus is in Scorpio and near Tom’s Ascendant — or mask and presentation to the world — and his birth Venus is near Katie’s Ascendant — which is her mask and presentation to the world. This means that they were intrinsically sensitive to the other person’s feelings, tastes, and needs at all given times. There was a mutual understanding apparent and their attraction to looking good together was very strong. This can help with friendships or lovers, and they felt they looked very good together.

When it comes to the timeline of their relationship, there are a few factors at play.

In 2001, when Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise, Jupiter had just moved into Tom’s Sun Sign, meaning that this was a very important new beginning being set forward for the coming 12 years of his life. At this point in time, he realized he had to create a new pattern and make it stick for the next 12 years. He was ready to have a phoenix and rebirth moment, which is what Jupiter was gifting him.

In July 2004, when Katie said that she had a crush on Tom Cruise to Seventeen magazine, Jupiter was in her sector of fame and public recognition. The press made that message carry and surely it made it to Tom.

However, when Katie split from Chris Klein in 2004, and then Katie and Tom began dating and stepping out publicly, Jupiter was in Tom’s Natal 12th House of Privacy, Secrets, and plans building behind the scenes. Lots of things were at play and going exactly as he wanted in order for him to fully recreate himself like a phoenix when Jupiter would move into his Ascendant in later 2005. This lasted even through their announcement of love and engagement.

Back to Katie Holmes, in June of 2005, when she declared she was converting to Tom’s religion, the Sun was in her sphere of Partnership ruling her focus and coming further out about it, but Mercury, ruling her mind, Venus, ruling her relationships, and Saturn, ruling maturity and responsibility, were in her sector of partnerships and debts. She was focused on what she was giving and receiving in a partnership and what she was going to get from it. This occurs to all of us when those planets are in that sector.

Moving back down the timeline, Jupiter was in Tom’s Ascendant — ruling his recreating his mask and persona for the world to see — when they gave birth to Suri, when Suri made her public debut, and the two got married in Italy. Tom wanted the world to know him as a father and a husband. We all go through similar recreation moments any times Jupiter visits these spheres.

However, let’s fast forward to May 2010, when Katie put on a show for Tom Cruise at a Hollywood benefit, Mars, the planet of firepower and energy that brings a great deal of energy to a sector of our lives, was in her Ascendant, making her want to stand front and center. For Tom, Mars was in his sector of fame, public recognition, and “showing off.”

To end this story, though, when Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise on June 29, 2012, Jupiter again had moved. This time, it moved into Katie’s Solar House of Partnership — meaning that she was seeking freedom and liberation from existing partnerships at the time and the stars were lucky behind her. She was also relying on new partners to help her move forward and it is guaranteed that others agreed to help her and they became literally given to her from the stars. As for Tom, at that time Jupiter had yet again moved into a sector about privacy, secrets, and things coming to light from behind-the-scenes.

It is sad that their relationship did not work, but no matter what, they were brought together for a reason in this lifetime and I hope that they both learned and evolved from it and are now happier, more productive, and better people because of it.To receive an astrological forecast from Kyle Thomas, please contact him at

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