Zendaya and Jacob Elordi Astrological Compatibility.png


Zendaya is a Virgo Sun, Aquarius Rising, with a Taurus Moon.

Jacob Elordi is a Cancer Sun with a Pisces Moon.

This is a sweet connection between them because we can see offhand there’s a lot of Earth and Water synergy going on between them. Zendaya as a Virgo and Jacob as a Cancer both crave similar things. They’re actually very domestic and both have very maternal energies. They value consistency and are very sensitive. It takes awhile for both of them to open up, but because they value long-term relationships and can be a bit guarded, they know that they’re both in it for a long haul. They clearly see an alignment to their professional goals, which will be extremely important, but it can feel like they are able to have fun but also remain grounded. Jacob will love Zendaya’s strength and she will enjoy his vulnerability, but the fact that they can both take the lead, soothe, and communicate, they’ll enjoy it more and more as they get to know each other.

However, the thing that I am loving the most for them is that their Natal (or birth) Venus are in the exact same place in the sky. When you have your Venus in a favorable connection to your partner’s Venus, there’s a perfect flow between them when it comes to affection, intimacy, and love. They will also have similar tastes in lifestyle, luxury, and beauty, and it’ll be especially aligned. However, the thing that brings more magnetism to this connection is that Zendaya’s birth Mars is ALSO in the exact same place here, too. This means that their physical and sexual needs are in total alignment, as well. With Venus and Mars being the classic star-crossed lovers in astrology, the fact that they’re aligned here means that they hold pure chemistry and it’ll grow to become more passionate and beautiful the more time they spend together.

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