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2018 is a year that many of us will look back fondly upon, particularly because we saw a great deal of planetary shifts bringing new blessings or opportunities into our lives. However, for those who experienced difficulties or were forced to face some harsh truths, this is because the Universe wants to lead you to a happier, better life. We watch the stars to better understand what doors are open or closed to us at certain times and to always mature and grow. Sometimes growth is painful, but the Universe always delivers checks and balances. Where there is darkness, there is also light.


2019 will be a brighter year than 2018 because we will not be forced to face as many precarious planetary retrogrades. Many of us felt we were taking two steps forward and then one step back constantly due to the tricky flight of Mars (planet of passion and energy), Venus (planet of love and beauty), and Mercury (planet of communication and business). While we will have the regular number of Mercury retrogrades in 2019, Venus and Mars will be direct all year! This means that our projects, relationships, and endeavors will move forward more rapidly and without as many obstacles. When Mercury retrogrades in 2019, it will be mostly through water signs, meaning that we will collectively be spending time balancing our mind with our emotions, as well as using our intuition to guide us more. If you reconnected with someone from your past in business or love during retrogrades back in 2018, you may have re-opened the door to them being in your life this coming year. If not, you may have finally found the closure that you were looking for. This is all good news because we are in a period of forward momentum now, so seize the reins and trust that you are again on the right path.


Jupiter, our beloved planet of miracles and blessings, will be spending most of the year in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter naturally flows most beautifully in this sign because it’s the natural planetary ruler. During this time, the collective will be focusing on expanding our experiences in the world. On a small scale, you may take an interest in learning something unique and different, or may want to travel. Consider signing up for a course to expand your knowledge or learn an entirely new skill. You may find yourself bumping into people who are different from you and who give you a broader perspective of the world. You may also feel like your faith in life grows this coming year, through philosophy, religion, academics, or taking on new experiences. A general optimism will be permeating people’s lives, as if there again is renewed hope. Seize opportunities, make calculated risks, and watch how the world turns in your favor and luck is on your side. On a global scale, we’ll be seeing an increased interest in international affairs and cultures worldwide.


Saturn, our planet of maturity, will be in Capricorn all of 2019. While Saturn can be known as the taskmaster because it forces us to face reality and grind to reach our goals, it can also cause some difficulty in our lives. This is because it creates obstacles in our path forcing us to work harder to fully evolve into the people we are meant to be. However, since Saturn rules Capricorn, it also is releasing its energy beautifully and easily. The lessons we learn now, specifically what kind of life we each want to build for years to come, will be crucial to our personal evolution. Because of this, many people will find that they are putting in great effort to build a legacy that lasts — whether that is in their relationships, career, or impact on the world around them. You will certainly be building something this year that you want to last forever.


Uranus, our planet of change and revolution, will move into Taurus again for many years starting in Spring of 2019. Last year, for a brief six month stay, we tasted what Uranus in Taurus was bringing to our lives. Look back from May to November on how your life was shifting and it will give hints of what’s to come until 2026. Collectively, we will be seeing our financial and banking institutions shift, an increased focus on sustainable living and environmentalism, as well as attention upon what we truly “value.”

Eclipses, too, bring intense shifts into our lives, and this year they are predominantly in Cancer and Capricorn. This means that collectively we will be pulled between how we build the foundation of our lives versus what we ultimately want our legacy in the world to be. Expect to see these big shifts happening around the eclipses: in the beginning of the year, then mid-summer, and then again at the very end of 2019 once again. Take time to look at yourself in the mirror to decide if you’re happy with who you are and where you’re going. Then, make a practical and realistic plan to build the future you’ve always dreamt of.


2019 will surely be a year we look back upon and remember, but 2020 is when things are truly going to be taking off! Right now, we have been in a several year stretch building up to 2020. 2019 will be a year with lots of growth and momentum, so use this time wisely because many people will see personal and global culminations taking place in 2020. What have you been working hard to build in the last several years? The time is coming where you will be presented with the opportunities to make your dreams a reality. Always remember you are worthy of everything you’ve ever hoped for. You are worthy of success. You are worthy of happiness. And above all, you are worthy of love. Happy 2019 and may you feel the magical embrace of the stars.

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