Mother’s Day is one of the most special days of the year because no matter what, everyone has had some sort of “maternal role model” in their life at some point in time. Whether it’s a biological mother, an adopted one, a “best friend” one, a mentor, a Dad who is also a mother, two gay fathers, or however you define it – we gather each year to celebrate this deep and beautiful relationship in May. Gratitude is always important at this time, as well as knowing how your “mother” operates. This is her pattern, but also how your “mother” would like to be celebrated. Here’s a quick zodiac guide to understanding your mother directly from the stars.


The Aries Mother is independent and definitely fiery. She likes to take charge and can be dominant, but does have a sensitive side to her personality. She usually tends to be optimistic and enthusiastic, and will be her kid’s biggest fan. She has a “can-do” attitude, and likely can be up for an adventure. She often challenges her children, and be sure not to arouse her anger. She certainly has a temper, but as soon as it arrives, it often disappears. Her heart is excitable, so a good way to celebrate an Aries Mother this season is to take her on an adventure. Get tickets to something that’ll tickle her fancy and get her laughing or moving. Surprise her! She’ll laugh and be grateful you were truly thinking of her.


The Taurus Mother is strong and tenderhearted. She takes great pleasure in the home, particularly food and entertaining, and will likely go to great lengths to make sure that her children are well taken care of. She is very possessive of those she loves, and while she says she likes to give them freedom, she secretly is making sure they won’t ever get themselves hurt or into trouble. She is always drawn to beauty and likely has an artistic touch to her, and will be very supportive and persistent for her children to develop their passions or their talents. This year, take her out for her favorite meal and make sure that you get dressed up. A little bit of luxury will make this Taurus Mother have butterflies in the heart.


Chatty, witty, and filled with opinions, the Gemini Mother is a bundle of fun. She’s likely to be highly social, whether it be throwing parties or events at home or out and about on the town. She also tends to have a very developed social circle and certainly likes a moment as “Queen Bee.” She usually doesn’t take immense joy in all the intricacies of the home, but does like new challenges, new ideas, and certainly adventures. She has a sensitive side to her, usually the “twin” she doesn’t show to the world. This is where she will open herself to her children, listen to them, and encourage their dreams. She’s also the one that will be the first to gossip about her kids and do a bit of bragging because she’s always ready for a chat. This year, take her somewhere where she can stimulate her mind: a live performance, a play, or even just use your words to write her a really sweet letter. It’ll mean the world to her.


The Cancer Mother is the natural-born caregiver of the zodiac, and this is how she loves to be. She’s in her favorite element and domesticity comes second nature to her. She’s nurturing to the point of smothering at times, but her children tend to look back fondly on her care giving because she provided a solid example of both physical and emotional support. Of course, she can be a bit moody or emotional at times, or overly sensitive, but it is because she loves so much. When you’ve crossed the line, though, she will absolutely make you work for it to get back in her good graces! However, a simple heart-to-heart can do wonders for your relationship. This year, give her a gift for her home that she can keep as a memory. Cancer Mothers are drawn to nostalgia and the past, and will hold onto it as a keepsake forever.


The Leo Mother is fierce, fabulous, and always youthful. She can be ferocious when crossed, but she is even more aggressive if anyone threatens one of her prized children. She is likely very beautiful and takes pride in her looks, as well as her kingdom. She is highly encouraging to her children to develop their passions and stand out from the crowd, because if there is anything she loves, it is certainly cheering on her own kin. She is often very communicative with her feelings because there’s no point in hiding things when this lioness is around. She is also typically quite popular, and this attraction tends to be passed to her children, as well, because there is always something royal about this family together. This year, buy her something that will allow her to relax and focus on letting her mane down. Let her indulge in some peace and quiet, perhaps a spa day or even just a facial.


The Virgo Mother is practical, steady, and loves to be a caregiver. This incredible desire to cover every detail and make sure everyone is prepared, safe, and sound can make the Virgo Mother a bit overwhelming, at times. Their opinion has usually been figured out from A to Z, which can feel critical, but it truly does come from the heart. The Virgo Mother is also incredibly sensitive, whether or not she shows it publicly, because she always does want to just make sure everyone is happy. This year, the best way to celebrate your Virgo Mother is through acts of service. Her love language is very likely this, and if you step up to help her out with any of the little details she needs in her life, she’s actually going to be taken aback and surprised. Then, when she least expects it, leave a little surprise, even if it’s just a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a card to say: “I love you.”


The Libra Mother is quite the social butterfly and likely very focused on charming those around her. This tends to lead her children to grow up as her friends, and eventually even grow closer into adulthood. Libra Mothers love a bit of luxury, too, and are all about grace and showing things off – even if it is showing off her children. Sometimes this can feel like everything is “picture perfect on display,” but the Libra Mother takes great pride in her image. This tends to lead her children to become popular in their own right and understand the nuances of “there’s a time and a place for emotion.” However, Libra Mothers are eager to help their children rise in life, even if it is just being one of “the cool kids.” Their hearts and support are given through instructions in etiquette and technique, skills that few other zodiac signs can ever match. This year, if possible, splurge on your mother as much as you can. Gifting her a prized piece of jewelry that she can add to her neck or hand will make sure that she is always showing you off publicly.


The Scorpio Mother is intense, passionate, and somewhat reserved and mysterious. Often times, you do not know what exactly to expect. She can be hot and cold, but if there is one thing that the children of a Scorpio know, it is that they know their mother will crush anyone who opposes their family. Scorpio are protective and possessive, controlling at times, but always strong and devoted. They tend to be beautiful and magnetic, charming with a master’s degree. It will be very important to the Scorpio Mother that she and her family are consistently rising, and money, resources, and opportunities are not too tight. She wants to make sure that her family doesn’t have to struggle, so she will do what it takes to win. The Scorpio Mother is a warrior goddess, some would fear to be the kin of, but most always cherish the lessons that she teaches them. After all, no one messes with Mama. This year, gift her a piece of art that captures the fire and passion of her soul. She will look onto it for months and years to come, flattered that you see the many sides of her spirit.


The Sagittarius Mother is exciting, adventurous, and spontaneous. She may be a bit impulsive, at times, with a new hobby or pursuit around every corner, but she is often very giving and sweet to her children. She challenges her children to fly free (with her supervision, of course) and take chances. This is because she lives vicariously through each of their journeys, relationships, and stories, eager to reignite her own childhood and recapture those years gone by. Because of all of this, however, the Sagittarius Mother often tends to remain forever youthful, gifted with a humor and energy that many other parents lose. She also tends to have a confidence to her, like she always has one extra trick up her sleeve, and you can guarantee she has “plenty of stories” of her own. This year, make sure that you take your Sagittarius Mother to somewhere she has never gone before, or if she’d like to go to her favorite spot, challenge her to try something fresh and new on the menu. This way, the experience will have a unique flavor (literally) that will bring out even more of her prized humor, just for you.


The Capricorn Mother is highly ambitious, focused on making sure that her family and domestic life is exactly as perfect as it should be. Usually she has a big focus on work or her goals, but she is deeply affectionate to her children and eager to know that they can always rely on her – no matter what, no matter when, no matter how. She knows that she can be the rock they need and takes pride in her ability to be steady. This may, at times, make her a bit reserved emotionally, but that is until she releases the internal ocean within, especially when she’s feeling disrespected or like those she loves are ungrateful. The Capricorn Mother likes to be a provider and wants to push her children to be the best they can be – even if it’s hard. No goal is too big if she can help you plan a strategy to get there. This year, gift her some wardrobe that she can wear with pride – a dazzling coat, a designer purse, or those glasses she’s had her eyes on. She’ll know you’re thankful for all of her lessons.


The Aquarius Mother is often a tad bit eccentric, yet a blessing to her children because she usually has unique or strong opinions. This can polarize her children to follow her or to question her – either way, the Aquarius Mother teaches her children to think and to think for themselves. While she may be a bit detached emotionally, she will likely enjoy discussing life, experiences, and ideas with her children, particularly if they are philosophical. You’re not going to want to cross an Aquarian Mother, though, because she has formed her opinions and ideologies over many years, so convincing her of anything else will be no easy task. She will reveal her affection to her children by showing them new experiences, whether that’s through media, travel, or education. This year, to make sure that your Aquarian Mother feels extra special, consider gifting her some newer form of technology. Even if at first she doesn’t want it or know how to use it, she’ll quickly become infatuated with her new piece of the world and be ready for exploration.


The Pisces Mother is dreamy, sensitive, and often artistic. She has a mystical quality to her, one that encourages her children to look to the stars and to imagine what else is out there. She is very emotional and will encourage her children to develop their inner life and to explore new worlds and experiences. Her opinions often flow and change, but she is strong always in her love for her kin. She desires deep connections, almost without boundaries, and wants to not only be the mother and mentor to her children, but also their confidant and best friend. This allows her to know exactly what her children are feeling instantly, almost on a telepathic level. This year, bring music to your Piscean Mother. Whether it be through a band or orchestra, or even just a new set of the hippest headphones, let her become lost in a symphony within her heart. This will move her and inspire her, and you surely will always be close to her heart.

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