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For centuries, mankind has been fascinated by magic, science, and spirituality. Over time, we have developed new methods of understanding both simple and profound truths about ourselves and the world that we live within. What we once associated with magic continuously grows with tangible, scientific evidence. It is fascinating to even ponder what things we still have yet to learn.

The energy we give off to other people can be defined in a few different ways. “Vibes,” “impressions,” “aura,” or “frequency” have grown in use over recent years because they all hint at the basic foundation of how we integrate information into our awareness. The energy we give off can be related to tangible evidence, such as eye contact, body language, vocal inflection, clothing, or posture. The subtleties and nuances of how we communicate our intentions, confidence, and authenticity all play a role in our initial first impressions.

Over time, we all have developed our own sense of intuition and awareness, though, rooted both in instinct and in our experiences. This also can be linked to the energy we feel in some relationships, whether it be love or intimacy, or possibly even karmic. Sometimes, when we meet someone, we just know. This can be associated with our sensitivity to other people’s emotions, desires, and intentions toward the world around them, as well as how compatible our own energy field is with theirs at that time.

Another way of looking at this simple yet complex truth is through the use of astrological dualities. The twelve signs are split into two dualities – masculine and feminine. Masculine elements, fire and air, are active and assertive. They tend to be more extroverted and spontaneous. Feminine elements, earth and water, are more self-contained and powerful through inner reserves of passion. They tend to be more introverted, preferring to first feel or think prior to acting. When we interact with a duality similar to us, we feel comfortable. When we engage with a duality different than us, we are forced to look at the world from a different perspective. This is just a small hint of how we can look at the energy of the signs, yet each sign has their own impression that they give, apart from their duality. Find out about yours here!


Aries’ energy is fiery, aggressive, and dominant. This sign radiates with enthusiasm, optimism, and excitement. However, Aries’ energy can be restless and impatient because they want everything now. Aries’ energy is oftentimes that of a leader, someone who will go after what they want or go to battle to defend what they love. Aries are magnetic because of these traits, and they are easily trusted because they are so focused on honesty, integrity, and living with an eternal hope. Aries energy is courageous but sometimes selfish or stubborn when they get defensive.


Taurus’s energy is sensual, artistic, romantic, and focused. This sign likes to work hard for long-term results. Perseverance echoes within their bones and they will stop at nothing until they get what they want – all of it. Nothing is too quick with Taurus, as they want to create a harvest that people can rely on. This is what makes them so solid, and people will intuitively know that a Taurus will always have your back and be loyal. Taurus are lovers, not fighters, and enjoy keeping the peace around them. Their calm nature is attractive, particularly because the planet of pleasure and love, Venus, rules them. Taurus energy is dependable. Like the bull that rules them, Taurus are both the unstoppable force and the immovable object. This can at times make them appear stubborn, but because they are so good-natured, this rarely ruffles feathers.


Gemini’s energy is lively, energetic, social, and fast. This sign likes stimulation, so when meeting them, you will see that they are often quick-witted and upbeat. Mercury rules them, so you oftentimes will see an ebb and flow to their ideas, thoughts, and actions, sometimes without knowing where they will go next. Gemini is also naturally flexible and talented so will have a bounty of ideas for how things can get done. Gemini energy is typically intriguing and amusing, eager to engage with others and learn more about everything “on the other side of the fence.”


Cancer’s energy is generally sweet, soft, and sensitive. One of the most passive and receptive signs, Cancerian energy shines with a kind and attentive impression. While initially they may “put on a show” that protects them, a shell or façade, they have deep sensitivity within. Unwavering in their loyalty and devotion, Cancer often give off the feeling that they naturally can be trusted and that if you open up to them, they’ll bring you into their inner circle. One of the least flashy signs of the zodiac, Cancer always have a maternal air to them and want to make people happy.


Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s energy is always radiant and powerful. This impression can naturally draw people in when it is harnessed beautifully – or it can repel people who find it too abrasive or conceited. Leo energy is larger than life, enthusiastic, extravagant, and creative. This endless exuberance can allow people to trust them instantly or become fearful of their “natural claim to authority.” With a truly loving heart, when Leo shares their resources, blessings, ideas, and kingdom, they radiate their energy to the best that they can. However, if they become obsessed with their own vanity, they will end up radiating in a room of people who plan to move forward without them.


Virgo’s energy is often initially quiet, grounded, and modest. Their natural affinity to analyze everything can naturally attract people to them as a steady and strong force in their corner. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo always has an intellectual air to them, which gives them an edge in persuasion since they always appear logical and authentic. Virgo also tries to impress others with their wit and ability to plan, organize, or plot things around them. This energy allows them to appear calm through most situations, even if they do not feel so emotionally. This energy can relax other people because they feel the Virgo will solve problems as they appear.


Libra’s energy is that of a mirror. Their natural ability to charm others comes from distaste for conflict and desire for peace, harmony, and happiness. As natural negotiators, Libra can fluidly appear both logical and sensitive at the same time. Gifted with words and persuasion, Libra energy is pleasurable and attractive because rejection does not exist to them in their minds. With an ability to make other people feel valued and important, they are warm and outgoing, and possess an unparalleled ability to bring unity between a group or the public. No matter what, they always know what “role to play,” which tends to bring out a smile whenever people cross their path.


Scorpio’s energy is passionate, mysterious, and hypnotic. While they may get a bad reputation for their intensity, this natural power gives them an air of authority wherever they go. Also, the master or mistress of seduction, they have spent their lives learning the secrets of subtlety. This is one of their energetic enchantments that make them so irresistible and fascinating. No matter if we want to be drawn to them or not, Scorpio energy is like a magnet. They intrinsically know how to lure anyone they want toward them and then once alone, charm them with their grace. However, because they like to hold things within and don’t lay all of their cards on the table, sometimes their energy can become repellant to people who sense they may be secretive, manipulative, or power-hungry.


Sagittarius’s energy is spontaneous, impulsive, passionate, and optimistic. This energy is so often filled with a youthful flair, which is what draws so many people to them. Their natural light excites others and easily brings laughter and humor into any situation. This energy also has an eccentric edge to it, as Sagittarius so often likes to entertain. Also, because they tend to be so naturally talented and gifted at so many things, they appear lucky to others, as well. Sagittarius is also caring, as well, particularly for those that treat them with respect. However, because their energy is so expansive and restless, it can repel others who are more focused. Sagittarius have a million different interests and ideas but may lack the ability to plan in order to create them, which may make their energy appear flakey, indecisive, or unpredictable.


Capricorn’s energy is often reserved, disciplined, and determined. They may appear withdrawn originally, but like to appear logical and practical in their plans and actions. This naturally allows them to attract people who like being grounded. This patience allows Capricorn energy to feel solid and strong, unwavering in their own personal confidence – whether or not it is truly there. This can create trustworthiness with their energy, especially because they appear so cautious and focused. Capricorns also appear as a good listener and loyal friend. While they may be aloof about your own emotions, thoughts, or secrets, Capricorn energy is steady and focused forward. Last, in order to make others feel more at ease, Capricorns invest in humor to surprise those around them and at times, lighten the mood. This is a psychological effect that we call cognitive shifting, which is a redirection technique to take the spotlight off of their own emotions.


Aquarius’s energy is analytical, opinionated, firm, and independent. As an air sign, they intellectualize their emotions and attempt to appear clear-headed and as an authority at all times. This complete devotion to their beliefs can inspire people to follow. However, it can also make people publicly disagree and defy them, as well. Aquarius’s energy is detached emotionally, despite their ability to easily maneuver in any social setting that they personally want. They often have an eccentric edge or flair to them, as well, something they identify with fully – something that makes them “different.” Yet, because they are so passionate about their beliefs, they can be stubborn and easily cut anyone off who disagrees with them. This “all-or-nothing” mentality may appear shocking to people, especially when their ideas may not be conventional.


Pisces’s energy is emotional, sensitive, imaginative, and romantic. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of imagination but also delusion, Pisces naturally can charm people into their fantasy. Intuitive and gifted with many talents, this sign may at times appear like they are constantly chasing a new dream or desire. Also, naturally afraid of conflict, their energy often adapts and changes to their surroundings. This gives them an incredible gift to be a chameleon, but also to find enjoyment in serving other people’s goals and ambitions. Pisces energy is also somewhat ethereal and mystical, often unique and beautiful in a way that creates curiosity about them. With such a lyrical ease to their energy, Pisces can make anyone feel at home.

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