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Ruled by Mars, planet of action, Aries always have an abundance of energy and love to go-go-go! This leads many Aries to have difficulty sleeping because they’re always ready for their next conquest. Restless sleeping patterns can occur for this fiery sign if they don’t channel their energy productively rather than letting it fester within.


Taurus, the mighty bull, is known for its love of luxury and pleasure. Ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, this zodiac sign enjoys a long nap or an extra hour of sleep whenever it can be fit in. Also, spending time in a space that feels “rich” is yet another habit of this zodiac sign, so expect to see a romantic and sensual ambiance in their home, especially when it comes to their personal space and bedroom.


Always moving a mile-a-minute, this chatty and impulsive zodiac sign is prone to sleeping patterns that may be irregular. Whenever something feels stable, Gemini are the first to want variety. This may mean that they actually don’t have a regular sleep pattern, particularly because they’re prone to late-at-night text and e-mail conversations. Ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, Gemini find it hard to shut their minds “off.”


The zodiac sign most closely connected to domesticity and the home, Cancer are ruled by the Moon. This means that they have a sensitive and emotional personality, and like the ever-changing tides, Cancer may have fluctuating sleep patterns that ebb and flow. Obsessive about their always shifting emotions, Cancer’s sleep will directly be connected to how peaceful they truly feel within.


The fiery lion, Leo, enjoys a long, leisurely nap or extended night of sleep. Prone to laziness whenever possible because they work so hard when they’re in the limelight, Leo love their beauty sleep to maintain their glorious exterior. Leo also love to sprawl out in bed, making sure their presence is always felt in their “kingdom.”


Always a perfectionist, Virgos are the most prone to insomnia because they have such a habit of over-thinking and analyzing every single detail. Ruled by mental Mercury, Virgo often spend most of their time breaking down every little piece of information and can have difficulty slowing their roll down enough to relax. However, when necessary, they’ll be the first to try out an herbal supplement or natural remedy to try to release their stress enough to calm down and get some much needed sleep.


Social Libra is closely associated with pleasure because Venus, planet of love and harmony, rules them. This makes they’re prone to “checking out” and indulging in some much-needed R&R whenever possible. Also, Libra are natural cuddlers and always sleep better with someone else rather than alone because of how they are the most connected sign to partnership, companionship, and union.


Known for their deep and hypnotic emotional energy, Scorpio are connected to the underworld and the hidden realms of consciousness. A water sign, Scorpio often are obsessive about their relationships and spend a great deal of time strategizing how to get the things (and people) that they want. Because of this, many Scorpio can spend long hours into the night watching the shadows on their walls, sometimes afraid to dream due to fear of nightmares. Of all the signs, this one is the least likely to be a “morning person.”


Of all the signs, Sagittarius are often dreaming about things just out of reach. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of luck, expansion, and optimism, Sagittarius always crave “more.” Because they desire so much stimulation, this may actually mean they are up late into the night checking out memes, chuckling watching videos, or gossiping about something new. Whatever it be, they don’t look at sleep as much of a priority as some of the other signs, but may pay the price in the morning when they are still sleepy and reach to grab their favorite choice of caffeine.


When it comes to being “practical,” Capricorn know how they like to sleep, when they like to sleep, and where they like to sleep, and if any of those factors are off, expect to see this earthy zodiac sign unable to fully relax. Capricorn are notoriously stubborn and can become obsessive about things they cannot control, particularly in their relationships and careers. This means they can sometimes become anxious at night, but if they feel grounded, expect them to adhere to a very strict sleep “routine.”


Ruled by Uranus, planet of innovation and change, Aquarius often have a great deal of internal chaos going on. An intellectual air sign, they focus their minds on their vision for the future and what they believe is intrinsically “right.” With so much activity going on inside of them, they focus less on the pleasure of sleep and see it more for its “purpose.” This practicality means that if they could lose sleep altogether and keep running, they probably would.


The sensitive and watery sign of Pisces is intrinsically connected to mysticism and dreams. They are prone to laziness and often like to spend much of their time lost in their own little fantasies that they’ve dreamt up. This means that Pisces like to sleep more than almost any other sign because it detaches them from reality and allows them to dance and play in a magical world where everything can be beautiful.

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