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Whether it’s an inability to adequately integrate emotional experiences into healthy reactions or detaching from emotion entirely, some zodiac signs have a great deal of trouble when it comes to the “feelings department.” At the root of all “difficult” people, we can not only look at their psychology but also their stars. Every zodiac sign certainly has an area that they can work to improve in order to reach their highest, most actualized self. Some signs, though, carry a bit more baggage and should take time developing their self-awareness, coping mechanisms, and being in tune with their natural temperament. Only by being honest with ourselves and our feelings can we live a more empowered and healthy life.



Represented by the Twins, all Gemini have two sides. Often, this manifests as having a fun, bubbly, and social face that they show the world and a moodier, more angsty face that they try to keep hidden. Because of this, many people refer to Gemini as “two-faced.” However, this is not entirely true. It is not that Gemini are inherently trying to be deceptive, it is that they could stand to do some self-reflection in order to better understand their emotional needs and integrate them positively. They’re great at communicating their thoughts to the world, but when it comes to emotions, they’re not often so self-aware. Face the difficult feelings because you’ll strengthen your relationships in the end.


Oh, Virgo, you’re so giving and caring for other people, but sometimes the way that you show love and affection actually turns people away! This is because you are so focused on the nitty-gritty details in life that you actually can be a bit off-putting when you’re critiquing or micro-managing other people’s lives. Of course this comes from a place of sweetness, but it can end up frustrating the people around you and pushing them away. Ruled by mental Mercury, Virgo is not known for their deep emotional awareness, even if they do try. Before you fire off that sharp assessment of someone else’s life, it may be good to look at your own internal mess first.


Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is associated with the darker realms of the human consciousness. The deeper motivations that we do not always want to focus upon such as sex or the hunger for power resonate deep within this sign. Also, because they’re co-ruled by Mars, planet of war, and Pluto, planet of control and destruction, this showcases that when this mighty scorpion wants to win, they’ll stop at nothing until they’ve absolutely crushed anyone or anything they see as their enemy – even if it’s someone they love. Often times, Scorpio get so consumed and lost within their emotions that they do not even know from which well of frustration their actions are springing from. Rather than seeing everything in the most intense extremes (all or nothing, love or hate, live or die), try to seek balance and take precaution rather than burning the world to the ground.


Sagittarius are known for their wit and their adventurous personalities, but when it comes to the emotions, they’re not seen as one of the most intuitive or empathic signs. So often led by wanderlust, desire, passion, and impulse, Sagittarius will think they feel something one moment and then run away the next. This is because their ruler, Jupiter, is expansive and urges them to never stop growing. However, the instant this sign feels “controlled” or “boxed in,” you can expect either a fiery rage or to see them running for the hills. This is because of an innate fear of the emotions they carry within themselves and not ever wanting to feel tied down to anything for too long. Rather than just using the “fight or flight” response, take time to ground and admit to yourself what you’re feeling or even just talk out your emotions with a safe third party.


As a Fixed Air sign, Aquarius always has to be right. That’s because they have spent a great deal of time analyzing and planning ahead, but because of all this attention to intellectual detail, they so often forget about their emotions or the feelings of those closest to them. Aquarius often become lofty in their communication, as well, and pompous and stubborn in their opinions because of the fixed attribute of their sign. Again, this doesn’t come from a place of wanting to hurt anyone else, it’s because they inherently do have a need for control. Yes, Aquarius often can glimpse a truly unique and beautiful vision for the world – but without the compromise and aid of other people, you may just end up detaching from your emotions altogether, especially if people don’t immediately agree to “follow your way.” Cutting your emotions off won’t solve anyone’s problems.


No one is perfect and we are so often conditioned by our upbringing and the relationships that affect us in our early childhood. However, by being aware of our habits, triggers, and defense mechanisms, we can truly live more intentional lives. Not only will our relationships improve, but our satisfaction with life does once we not only face our emotions, but find healthy ways of coping with them. We all have darkness and light within us, and without the shadows, we would not be able to appreciate the sun. Charting your reactions, using grounding techniques such as meditation or exercise, and learning to balance the mind with the heart are all beneficial no matter what your zodiac sign is. Therapy can also help, but making intentional efforts to grow into the best person you can be – not only for yourself but also for the world around you – will bring even greater psychological health into your life.



Sensual and sensitive Taurus is passionate about the good things in life. It takes quite awhile to excite this relaxed and patient bull, but this is what makes them so enduring.


Emotional Cancer may have a hard shell, but they are deeply nurturing and love to sacrifice for the cause. Their emotions are deep, but they truly just want everyone to get along.


Often able to blend in with anyone or anything around them, Libra are the “class act” of people-pleasing, sometimes at the expense of the self. They despise conflict so will go to great efforts just to keep the peace.


Flowy, soft, and imaginative, Pisces are the eternal dreamers and don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. They’re also the most sensitive signs because they truly love living in a fantasy, especially one without pain.

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