Let’s be real. Earth Day should be every day. We live on a beautiful planet that gives us food, air, water, and every basic need to survive. However, if we do not respect our planet, pollution and global warming will continuously wreak havoc upon countries far and wide. This year we broke it down to the top ways each zodiac sign can make a difference, especially by playing to their natural strengths. Find out yours!


Take charge of your energy efficiency this year by switching your home’s light bulbs, Aries. You like to take on a new project when you can, and lucky for you, you’ll be able to attack it and finish it pretty easily! You can reduce energy use from 30% to 80% by using halogen incandescents, compact fluorescents, or LEDs. Seize the day! Also, make sure that you’re turning your lights off whenever leaving a room. You’re bright enough as is!


As an Earth Sign, Taurus, you like your “stuff.” While this may at times make you a tad bit materialistic, there’s a way to also make a big difference this year, too. Consider re-using your possessions in unique and interesting new ways or even just stopping into a vintage clothing or furniture shop. You may find something that works perfectly for you! At the very least, though, be sure to set aside a recycling spare bin for paper and plastic. You’ll feel better that you did.


You’re a gem when it comes to communication, Gemini, so the time to use those skills for the planet’s benefit are here! Consider ways that you can write a letter or e-mail to your politicians and express how deeply important energy conservation, global warming, and the environment are to you. If you have a creative edge, consider ways to even post something on social media, write a song, or even just spread the word about conservation to your friends. Debates could be favored now, too! Have fun with it and watch your ideas flow.


Water is your natural element, so you tend to be drawn to it. However, conserving water will be a very good habit to get into going forward. Even as simple as not letting the water run while brushing your teeth, fixing leaky faucets, or only running the washing machine when it is full can be helpful. Also, if your car is dirty, go to a washer to get it cleaned rather than just doing it on your own. Even just eating less meat and beef can make a big difference, too. 1,800 to 2,500 gallons of water go into producing a single pound of beef. Considering cutting back on beef can help conserve water, too.


Did you know that there is a regulated stamp that the government puts on appliances and electronics (as well as other consumer products) to say if they are energy efficient or not? Yes! It’s called the Energy Star label and they can help you save up to 30% related electricity bills. You’re a star in your own right, Leo, so don’t you want to be surrounded by a constellation of “Energy Star” labels? Start to only use these kinds of products and you’ll be making quite a difference.


You are often known for your green thumb, Virgo, and this is a perfect time to show it up! This year, consider ways that you can compost in order to reduce waste. Plus, composting makes wonderful fertilizer, too! Start a home garden or get into garden sharing with your community. Many cities have begun to integrate this system in. Last, be sure to plant as many trees as you can. Not only will they give some sweet birds a place to nuzzle as well as someone some shade someday, but they’ll also be helping the planet’s air quality, too.


Sealing air leaks and proper insulation can do wonders for energy efficiency, Libra, so consider ways you can check this within your home. Sometimes it may be helpful to hire a professional to come in and do it for you, but even on the more basic levels, you can likely improve your space. It’s been noted that you can save up to 20% on heating and cooling bills, as well as add comfort to your palace! What’re you and your boo waiting for?


Water bottles create a major problem in landfills these days and many end up in the ocean wreaking havoc on their ecosystems. To help make a smaller imprint, consider strictly only using reusable water bottles for your home. Also, for the more ambitious Scorpio, even consider cutting out plastic straws and bags completely. These, too, end up drowning sea creatures worldwide, and as a Water Sign, lead with your heart this Earth Day.


You’re a hot Fire Sign, Sagittarius, but you often have ten things going on at once! One way you can help save the Earth is by using a programmable thermostat. If you’re properly programming it, you’ll save up to 10% on heating and cooling costs, because what’s the point in wasting the fuel if you won’t even be enjoying it? Also, cleaning furnace filters helps your pocketbook, too. A dirty system leads to clogs and slows down the airflow, making it harder to keep you warm. Definitely jot this on your radar!


You get ambitious with nearly all of your plans, Capricorn, so by setting goals for yourself you are likely to smash them. Often on the move with so much work and priorities, you may not realize you’re wasting gas and not conserving it well. Some ways to actually get around this could be to bike to places and get in a much-needed adrenaline-filled work out or even just carpooling to locations with other people. If you take the lead in suggesting this to others, you will likely gain some followers due to your natural air of authority.


You’re quite the intellectual one, Aquarius, and you so often like to do your research to form your strong opinions on any matter. When it comes to energy efficiency, global warming, and conservation, how much do you know about it? Educate yourself and others on the topics to create conversation around the issues. Also, if you have the time, consider marching for science as an activist. Your voice can truly make a difference, so let’s hear you loud and clear.


Often drawn to the waves of the lake, pond, or beach, Pisces find water soothing and inspiring. However, when surrounded by trash, the beautiful natural landscape will make you feel flustered and depressed. Consider spending some time volunteering at a beach clean up, and if you even rally some friends, you’ll likely to get a crew. Also, social gatherings like this can also help you meet new people and you never know who you’ll bump into – a new friend, mentor, or even a soul mate. Get involved and watch how your heart sings like the waves of the sea.

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