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When it comes to toxic relationships, we can see why certain zodiac signs may think they may work together initially, but become repellant to each other over time. However, some signs also have a very intense clash from the very start – and trying to force them together will be like oil and water. Worse, their interactions may even become a war. Find out some of the most toxic zodiac pairings here!


As both zodiac signs are ruled by Mars, they are fiery, passionate, and love a game of conquest. However, while the initial intensity will be intoxicating to both of them, once it dies, it may be hard to ever reignite. Also, worse yet, they may end up hating and never forgiving each other if one doesn’t bow down to the other’s demands. This is an all-or-nothing kind of pairing. Beware.


As two Fixed Signs, Taurus and Aquarius are known for their resilience and ability to go the long haul in their relationships and endeavors. However, stubbornness will sabotage this connection because both are always so convinced they are right. They are devout to their opinions and ideals and will never change. Also, because they are so passionate about their own way of doing things, it will mean that they will inevitably have to change – or experience explosive quarrels to defend themselves.


As two signs ruled by Mercury, you’d think that these two zodiac signs could make it work and communicate! However, Gemini is more carefree and expansive, whereas Virgo is obsessive about the details. This means that Gemini will let some of the little things fall between the cracks, which can cause the Virgo to do the heavy lifting in the relationship. As soon as the Virgo becomes critical and tries to tie down the Gemini, the two will be caught in a tug-of-war that will leave them both eviscerated from each other’s words.


Cancer, as an emotional Water Sign, is nearly the antithesis of the free-spirited Fire Sign, Sagittarius. While they may admire one another, they will find it difficult accepting the other’s differences. Cancer is a homebody and deeply connected to the family and “nest.” Sagittarius will find those things suffocating and crave the open road, wide horizons, and new adventures! Cancer will build up their intense emotions, which will lead to resentment, before Sagittarius even realizes they’ve passed too far beyond the line. Sagittarius also can be prone to impulsive actions or anger as a defense mechanism, which will also further push Cancer back into their crab shell. This is a relationship that would require tremendous effort to truly make sure both parties are happy and not just “smiling and nodding.”


While both are passionate, imaginative, and creative signs, the exuberant and dramatic Leo may initially inspire the Pisces but eventually leave them swimming off to other seas. Leo is a Fire Sign that finds great difficulty burning alongside the Water Sign, Pisces. Pisces has incredible sensitivity and emotional depths, but will find Leo’s aggressive and direct approach to life intimidating. When Leo doesn’t get what they want, they will become proud and irritated. This relationship would require the Pisces to continuously go the distance to appease Leo’s hungry ego, and if the Pisces doesn’t communicate their needs fully, they’ll end up wounded and feel like the martyr after all said and done.


While both Libra and Capricorn appreciate money and “the good life,” it may be difficult to see these two zodiac signs completely aligned. Both have a tendency to intellectualize their emotions and do not always like to take a direct approach in handling confrontation. This can lead to passive-aggressive conflicts that fester over time. Also, Libra tend to have a bit more of a sensitive side than Capricorn, who can become cold and refuse to ever show their vulnerability. This toxic connection can lead to an entirely superficial relationship rather than one that authentically and truly fulfills both parties.

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