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Each zodiac sign has a darker side we don’t want to show the world. Our inner demons lurk and we try to suppress them. Over time, we can evolve and move beyond them to evolve into the best version of ourselves possible. However, the echoes will always be there until we rise above. Find out your zodiac sign’s deepest, darkest secret!

ARIES: You know you’re not ALWAYS right, but you will keep going forward till you get your way. You sometimes feel bad about it and don’t know how to apologize once you’ve gone too far.

TAURUS: You can’t let go of the past and are too stubborn to believe that maybe this whole time you were wrong. You’d rather have your heart bleed than finally fully move on.

GEMINI: You’re prone to drama, but you do it to distract from your own insecurities. It’s easier to gossip about everyone else rather than admit to your own fears, failures, or sorrows.

CANCER: You can be really mean when you’re hurt and you also will hold grudges forever. You’d rather withhold your love than fight about it, so you’ll push people away rather than forgive and forget.

LEO: You think you’re irreplaceable and have difficulty sharing the limelight. If you’re not the star of the show, you’d rather just sabotage it and watch their world burn without you.

VIRGO: You secretly like being passive-aggressive because you always think you’re right. You hold things over people’s heads and love to act like a victim. You also have deep and dirty secrets that you’d be mortified if the world ever learned the truth.

LIBRA: You’re co-dependent and being alone scares you. You’d rather start drama amongst everyone then watch other people be happy without you.

SCORPIO: You love the fact that you’re manipulative and you actually receive joy out of controlling and hurting people. You love the fact that people fear you even though you act like you’re the one who was innocent.

SAGITTARIUS: You act like you’re entirely independent and just a free spirit, but you fall into codependency almost faster than anyone. You also love having people waiting on you because you like being the one who has all of the options.

CAPRICORN: You are hot and cold, and you know your coldness and aloofness can break people’s hearts and you don’t even care. You think you know what you want but you’re not always in touch with your heart. To you, the grass is always greener on the other side which is why you are rarely fulfilled.

AQUARIUS: You’re controlling and you always think you’re right and will refuse to ever change your mind. You’d rather threaten the people you care about than dare be disobeyed.

PISCES: You expect people to do things for you because you’re too busy being lazy. You will take the credit when you can, even though you will be the first person to talk about how much you’ve scarified for them.

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