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Each zodiac sign has their own sense of humor. However, some zodiac signs rise above as the funniest of all. Find out which ones do below!


You’re the natural jokester of the zodiac because you’re spontaneous, impulsive, and daring. Sometimes that means your humor can even be a bit dirty, but that’s totally okay with us.


Surprisingly, even though you can be quite serious, you have a way of making light of even the most dramatic situations. Your humor can be dark but you have a way of laughing so that no one sees you cry.


You’re a natural entertainer and you can always steal the show. You’ll do almost anything for attention, which is why you always know a good joke.


Your charm is legendary and you can lure anyone into your tricks because you’re not only smart, but you’re sweet, as well. This helps you enjoy the moment and make friends easier than anyone.


You’re witty AF and always know how to use your words to shock and excite anyone. You’re the dude or lady who doesn’t give AF. You’re the OG joker.

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