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An Overview of Love & Sex

Cardinal Water Sign

Power Colors: Smokey Grays and Greens

Ruling Planet: Moon

Cancer is the sign represented by the Crab. Domesticity, the home, family, and the ability to nurture and feel sensitivity are all important aspects for this sweet Water sign. Cancer often have a hard shell to crack, but once you get through, you will find one of the softest and most kind hearts. Cancer love to take care of those around them and often have a deep connection to heritage, the past, and seek security. Cancer Rising (Ascendent) or Cancer Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Cancer in Love:

Cancer tend to be dominant in the way that they love and like to take the lead: whether it be by making plans for dinner or setting up a full wedding where the couple can be at the center of the family and friends. Love is a sacred thing to Cancer, so much so that to break it or leave it is almost unthinkable, and often very painful if it gets to that. Trust and emotional security are crucial elements in allowing a Cancer to open up, but once they do, they will work to great depths for the pleasure and happiness of their partner. Sensual in all possible ways, loyalty is a cornerstone in their relationships. They tend to be givers — whether it be of time, affection, or gifts, all which hold a great deal of meaning to them.

Cancer in Sex:

Sex with Cancer is often a very sensitive and emotional experience, and the deeper the emotion, the greater ability to love, nurture, and grow closer. It takes a great deal to awaken Cancer’s inner lust, but once it is unleashed, it can become ravenous — especially in its desire to own and become one with their partner. Getting there is the harder part, though, because they tend to be timid in their own pleasure but great at pleasing and interested in meeting their lover’s needs. While not as adventurous as some of the other signs, sex is most often expressed as a sentiment of their trust and desire to truly connect.

Ideal Partner for Cancer:

Cancer are attracted to partners who are ambitious, practical, and value security. They also are focused on people who are reliable and consistent, even if their partners are a bit colder, responsible, emotionally detached, or authoritative. Family must be important to the partner, as well as building a foundation that is based on reliability. Routine brings Cancer ease, so knowing what to expect — even if it’s planned spontaneity or a less passionate, but always steady, love — will make Cancer feel open to letting someone in. The partner must also cherish “tradition” — whatever the two deem to be ones that they share. 

Areas for Improvement:

Cancer may be very moody, over-emotional, or unforgiving. When hurt or betrayed, it takes quite a while for a Cancer to heal or be open to new connections. Their hard emotional exterior may be hard to crack initially, but once open, they may become needy or demanding if they expect certain things. To improve this, Cancer can choose not to withdraw when they are hurt, and instead, communicate directly rather than becoming defensive or passive-aggressive.

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