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An Overview of Love & Sex

Fixed Fire Sign

Power Colors: Golden Yellow and Orange

Ruling Planet: Sun

Leo is the sign represented by the Lion. Creativity, adventure, expression, and showmanship are important to this fiery sign. Associated with royalty and performers, Leo takes pride in their natural ability to command a room. That doesn’t necessarily mean a Leo is always dominant though -- they actually prefer to be worshipped and can be quite submissive just to get their way. But when it comes to Leo, they know what they like and they expect to get it. If they don’t — well, expect a dramatic performance! Leo naturally does well in the limelight, though, and when it comes to love, they always want it to feel like a play. Leo Rising (Ascendent) or Leo Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Leo in Love:

Love with Leo is enthusiastic and vibrant, filled with adventure and big plans. Even the smallest dinner with Leo can be turned into a festival, as Leo enjoys extravagance for the sake of making every moment a special one. Courtship is extremely important to Leo, as well as being chased. Leo expects to be lifted to the highest importance by their lover, but once this has been reached and their ego satisfied, they will become exceptionally affectionate, cheerful, and go to every limit just to bring sunshine into their sweetheart’s life. Love is often more important to Leo than sex, so romance should never feel stale or else they will begin to settle into a despair or leave the relationship altogether.

Leo in Sex:

Sex with Leo is all about worship. They are very sensual and affectionate when they are smitten with someone, so displays of sweetness are very important to them, particularly kissing, soft touch, and massage. When it comes to this fiery beast, though, sex is all about how much attention you pay to them and their pleasure. When they are appeased, they are equally happy to dote on their sweetheart and make sure that they reach heights of passion. Leo is also particularly focused on displays of pleasure, and this will enthrall their sexual appetite greatly, so making a scene or instilling some drama will only increase their lust.

Ideal Partner for Leo:

Leos are attracted to partners who are eccentric, unique, and freedom-loving. Loyalty will be important to them, though, even if their own eyes may sometimes stray. Leo wants a lover who is different than others who they can show off, someone who may be unconventional, or someone who is interested in breaking out of the box. However, Leo may be attracted to experimental romantic or sexual partnerships, too, particularly in order to meet the many needs of their ego. In this case, as long as there is loyalty and trust between the two, everything can be fair game as long as they are on an adventure together. Leo also find people who are very intellectual or creative to be exciting, perhaps even someone who is visionary in their field or way of life because the idea of living an extraordinary love fuels their inner roar. 

Areas for Improvement:

Leo can sometimes be conceited, snobbish, or power hungry, which may isolate partners, particularly when looking for a compromise. While Leo may often be right in what they feel, they may not actually be seeing the whole picture. Leo are also known for their great stubbornness and patronizing nature. In order to grow, make sure that you are upfront with your thoughts and emotions rather than unleashing a horrific bite that could not only end your romance, but also hurt you in the end, too.

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