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An Overview of Love & Sex

Mutable Earth Sign

Power Colors: Navy Blue, Dark Grays, Browns

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo is the sign represented by the Virgin. This sign is all about hard work, being grounded, and paying attention to details to keep the stone rolling up the mountain to reach its eventual destination. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are highly analytical and practical, but because of this, may actually spend a great deal of time overthinking and build nervous energy, sometimes to the point of obsession. At their best, though, Virgos are pleased with serving the people around them and finding ways to improve their lives together. With a quest for perfection, these sweet Earth signs are on a consistent journey to make things happen so that at the end of the day, they — and the ones they love — are ahead rather than behind. Building something that will last is one of Virgo’s greatest abilities, focusing more on what is grounded rather than emotional. Virgo Rising (Ascendent) or Virgo Sun will express these qualities deeply.

Virgo in Love:

Love with Virgo is often slow and takes time for them to warm up to new suitors. Some Virgo may actually take the friendship road first, rather than diving headlong into a passionate abyss that could end up wasting precious time and energy! Virgo tends to be more logical when it comes to love, intellectualizing it to such a degree that they can find flaws in every area that could end up leading down a dark path. However, once a Virgo has felt that someone has earned their favor, they can be particularly doting and affectionate. Virgo spends time recognizing the smaller details that make their partner happy and will put in the work and time to reach perfection in their lovemaking. They are happy to serve, and in return, they will slowly allow you to explore them, too. By releasing this control, Virgo will find even more sensual and breathtaking depths — just don’t push them to go too fast because they may feel intimidated and run away. Slow and steady win the race.

Virgo in Sex:

Sex with Virgo is about finding perfection in pleasure — and then repeating it. Virgo are eager to serve their lovers and enjoy making plans ahead of time of ways to blow their sweetheart’s mind. However, this means that hard work and time are crucial elements in their ability to feel comfortable. As an Earth sign, they are especially affectionate when they are ready, but can be very rigid and stand-offish if they are not feeling eager to open themselves up just yet. Seducing through wit, humor, and conversation will surely get the Virgo motor humming, and when you’ve captured their mind, they will be ready for complete ecstasy. Don’t rush the game — show that you’re here for connection.

Ideal Partner for Virgo:

Virgos are attracted to partners who are either highly spiritual, emotional, or artistic — or someone who is troubled and needs a great deal of help. Virgos need to feel needed and want to find someone who appreciates all of the details they can bring to the equation and ultimately find a happier and better solution for. When Virgo finds someone who is advanced with their emotional intelligence, in touch with mystic or creative pursuits, they find this to be charming and often notice these things also being pulled out of them — to much surprise. Virgo is deeply focused on wanting to find their one true soul mate, but will not settle until they are convinced this person could be their very special one. 

Areas for Improvement:

Virgo can sometimes be hypercritical, overly sharp, and emotionally detached. This can manifest as nagging or worrying, sometimes so much so that they drive people away from them. Virgo also inherently is afraid of being hurt because their emotions tend to be less evolved than their intellectual and logical strengths. This may mean that Virgo will run away when they are overwhelmed by great passion because it intimidates them. To improve this, you must balance your emotions and logic to accept that not everything can be controlled. Also, the only way to master fear is to understand it and face it head on.

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